Item fail of the day (Original Game)

(Borderbutts Master) #1

The evil twin of the item Find(s) of the Day. Feel free to post all your fails and close calls. Here is mine for today. Freaking body screwed me over again, and I suppose the barrel too.

Lootology 101 BL1 (Original and Remaster) Edition
(Ryoushinteki) #2

Always a fail

Body Fail

Epic Fail

(Borderbutts Master) #4

[quote=“Ryoushinteki, post:2, topic:12557”]
Epic Fail

Screw it doing it my way. Yes this is an epic fail. I will cry for days.

(Ryoushinteki) #5

Lol. It’s a shame.

(Borderbutts Master) #6

freaking barrel…

(The quick and the dead) #7

Mag fail, surprised to find out that Crimson Shorty had this though:

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(Poorly drawn Starlord) #8

Stupid Twisted Barrel, why you ruin everything.

Oh, and this is old but I the emmense amount of fail here still hurts me to my very core.

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(Boring Ol' Album Cover) #9

All you had to do was be AR!

Motherf*cker! Yes, this was the same run.

Have You Seen These Guns?
(Poorly drawn Starlord) #10

Damn that sucks.

It seems 90% of what Ajax drops is HVY body, whilst others are more spread out amoung the different bodies.

My fail of the day is this abomination, the only good part is the Mat.

Oh and yes, it’s Twisted barrel not regular Barrel3

(King Duff) #11

Hey i was just curious. Would you guys mind listing why theyre a fail. Like someone had listed a bitch that stat wise i didnt see an issue with (unless it was twisted barrel)

(Borderbutts Master) #12

The bitch in question had a bad body.

(Matrixneo42) #13

Yea. This went way over my head.

(Poorly drawn Starlord) #14

This Orge came so close, but I don’t care since I have a AR490 Barrel 5 Pearl Ogre. But it still hurts to see HVY.

This Invader, just LOOK at it!

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(Boring Ol' Album Cover) #15

That Ogre :cry: Why does HVY have to ruin so many good ARs?

(Poorly drawn Starlord) #16

Many fails today, but none so sad as this Barrel4 Matatdor

Ogres in chests are rare arnt they? If they’re all like this then I hope they stay rare.

More sadness.

This gun isn’t a fail in itself, but the fact that a Green is better than my current highest damage sniper is pretty sad.

(A sentry on guard) #17

I swear almost every time I’ve seen an unforgiven, it has a damn blade attachment.

(Borderbutts Master) #18

Decently hard to get green you got there btw. I would even post it in the you got the blues thread as well despite it being green lol

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(King Duff) #19

Is this like a bad parts draco? I cant tell if this is the boxier attachment.

(Boring Ol' Album Cover) #20

No, a Draco is S&S.

(Nola ftw) #21

So nice, I found it twice.