Item fail of the day (Original Game)

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Muther F!

(odiscordia) #2148

Lol I’ll say it one more time…that 1st vicious orion isn’t fail. Brutal AF.

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(Vault Hunter - Borderlands Addict) #2149

I banked it. Its a keeper just due to the rarity. But its a fail, none-the-less. body fail all the way. I need my 2.7 rate of fire. :wink:
edit: one of my favorite snipers and I collect them all. all mats. I have mat1 and 3. looking for mat2 now. lol

(odiscordia) #2150

I’m telling you man, try it out. 1.4 is just right for the effortless head shots those things put out and the added dmg and tech is brutal. Same dps or more and way more ammo efficient. Lilith with 5+ points in QS or Roland with HG is gonna double+ that rof and it just works for this gun. And this is coming from an absolute ROF junkie

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(Vault Hunter - Borderlands Addict) #2151

Actually, lilith has my almost perfect Orion. Barrel4 max PPZ body dmg over 1k. the only shortcoming is not level 68 otherwise it would be perfect. That being said, I can appreciate your breakdown of why it can hold up and possibly be on par with the PPZ bodied version. Only difference being rate of fire from the LB Vicous to the PPZ Liquid…both with damage not far from one another. Can’t really tell the level of Tech with both having x4 and both being mat3 when they have similar/same parts.

More rate of fire…more rate of fire…more!

(odiscordia) #2152

They’re not the same tho. Pound for pound lb vicious is better in every way except rof. More dmg…more tech and faster reload. The prefix more than makes up for the body. In fact the only way to get a barrel5 with 1000+dmg is with lb vicious

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(Vault Hunter - Borderlands Addict) #2153

I thought the mat3 vicious orion i posted was barrel5? I must be mistaken…

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(odiscordia) #2154

Yea it is. If it were level 69 it would be over 1k and have x4… and a 98 accuracy

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lol, you caused me to look up the sniper parts thinking i was wrong on the barrel. thanks for clarifying. :blush:

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(odiscordia) #2156

Np homie. To clarify further this is the ONE gun that I like lb on. Due to other factors (the orion always procs maximum it can) etc…it just works

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I’m still a barrel4 guy. I just can’t pass up and extra 2 in tech level. Barrel5 gives no buff to tech and a lesser buff to dmg. Barrel4 all the way! :grin:

(odiscordia) #2158

It’s particularly good for maggots btw. Easy to get that one crit it takes to kill em

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We’ve had this conversation before. when I had first found that orion that my Lilith has(Barrel4). I can 1-shot maggots if I hit them right. LB Vicious not required. lol :laughing:

(odiscordia) #2160

Lmao yeah I know! Circular reality

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Dang man…almost on that pene

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Everything is a fail unless its Grail status for Tech. I’m not there quite yet.
I find it funny how this plays out. New character needs to build up the arsenal. so even fails are good for a period of time. Until you start getting those rare high end items. Then, you start to notice the fails…

thats how it plays out for me. its per character. after a ton of hours on a single character, most items tend to be fails after a certain point. I am finding it so much more enjoyable farming end game with a fresh character. As soon as Roland gets stale, Mordecai will be next.

(odiscordia) #2164

I think I’m gonna do a new Roland after Lilith this time

■■■■ you Zed!

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