Item fail of the day

(Orzesz ty Brumgocylu) #2007

(odiscordia) #2008

Seriously tho…bad as they are you’ve pulled…30? Pearls since the last time I saw one?

(Orzesz ty Brumgocylu) #2009

I dont know when you seen a pearl? but pearls are not that rare compared to the other things in this game lol

(odiscordia) #2010

I know man but it’s been like 2 months. I was seriously considering making a new profile and starting over like that one guy did and found all that stuff the next day. Maybe there is something to it who knows. I guess it doesnt matter too much. Just killing time.

(Orzesz ty Brumgocylu) #2011

My Mordi whant that spiked death.

(odiscordia) #2012

Well I’d sure give it to you if I could.

(band) #2013

I don’t care what you say.
grabby hands

(odiscordia) #2014

Hehe. Well the comment was actually about the death. A b angry will have the fastest rof with the good body. I’ve never found a good one. Also…

(band) #2015

Nah, I get the Death fail, but the Havoc doesn’t make much sense to me. Yeah, all perfect parts except for one bad part, but that bad part doesn’t particularly ruin(fail) the gun for me. That’s a personal thing for me, a fail is an otherwise quality weapon whose performance is hamstrung by one bad part. I figure that Havoc won’t get much out of having the best or worst stock, that’s all.

(odiscordia) #2016

Idc too much about the stock. Anything over 50% RR seems to make no difference in actual combat to me. I prefer 390s and 590s because they reload faster. I’m just OCD and sometimes this game does not help that. I hate level 66 gear. I have days where like…20 or 30 guns in a row that were perfect other than that show up and it just grinds me. I don’t keep them anymore. Whatever I have ( which is a huge percentage of my best gear) is it. Its gonna have to be an invader nemesis or something. It’s just my quirk. To me it’s the same thing as a bad part.

(Orzesz ty Brumgocylu) #2017

You can try this and tell us what the results are.

(Geomason) #2018

all fails…

(Orzesz ty Brumgocylu) #2019

(Orzesz ty Brumgocylu) #2020

(odiscordia) #2021

Started that new profile. See what happens in a couple weeks when I get to endgame.

(Orzesz ty Brumgocylu) #2022

(odiscordia) #2023

well there it is. The saddest thing I think I ever found. The failgasm. The failocalypse. Yeah that’s a twisted barrel. One measly lousy factory spec run of the mill elemental accessory from…well you know.

(odiscordia) #2024

Lol its funny how you really zoomed in and nailed that matador pic like u were mad at it hahaha

(Orzesz ty Brumgocylu) #2025

(Orzesz ty Brumgocylu) #2026

Not really mad, it’s just hard for me to take a photo in vendor on which you can see something lol