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Those prefixes aren’t material prefixes, those are quality prefixes. When you have a really ■■■■■■ Vladof, for example, it’ll be a “Rusty Sniper” or whatever.

For one, the chart has two different sets of info on it, it’s just wrong. Not all materials have prefixes anyways, at least as far as I know. Tediore, S&S, Jakobs, they don’t have them.

You probably never have seen an Obsolete Maliwan cause they’re all elemental, I assume the elemental prefix will always overwrite the low quality prefix.

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It’s not 2 sets of info of the same material, it’s a progression chart. They’re sort of a “Mat0” I suppose. And they do look different. Plywood looks distinctly different from mat1 for example.

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Now I want to play the game and deliberately farm for bad quality weapons…

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Hahaha. That “old torment” I found was my favorite

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Ughhh that bitch just gutted me. What a bitch

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my army of thumpers after 3 kills. Seriously dafuq with the thumpers craw…also jackal #2. I think it’s even worse than the first one

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that is awesome :rofl::star_struck:

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Shoot for a white build you really couldn’t do much better actually

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Another reason (maybe most important?) for Urban is that mat3 “Desert” over-rides all other prefixes. So max damage for a lot of stuff is Urban - for example, the highest damage combat rifle is a U Punishing Stomper…same parts with mat3 will give a D Desert Stomper with lower damage. Same with Hornets - a U Nasty beats a D Desert all day.

The same thing applies for some other manufactures, like a max-damage Volcano has to be mat1 because otherwise the Fearsome prefix is overwritten by Blue or Cobalt.

That’s one of the things they should definitely change if this game ever gets a rework - material identifiers for all guns (like Dahl or S&S or Vladof) but material prefixes get lowest priority.

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Ugh with the big mag too. Extra insulting.

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Be grateful it’s not an explosive-element jackal. The element would decrease the damage even further :rofl:
Also I think the best prefix for the jackal is the hunter’s. It won’t reduce the pellet count (-1 would be pretty… interesting), but gives a small damage increase as well tightens the spread.

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It’s the only prefix. The special barrel and increased accuracy fixes it to hunters. Doesn’t matter either way cause I would never use this atrocious weapon :slight_smile:

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Whoopsies, my bad. You are right, I forgot that.
But yeah it does not change the subject: it’s not the best pearl :smiley:

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well I guess it’s a pretty good blue at least