Item fail of the day

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this was one of those I saw across the field and it was hard to walk up to. Craw just will not give up good shock dahls the worst mongol I’ve ever seen

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Whats wrong with the bulldog? I am not seeing it. (The fail that is.)

(Orzesz ty Brumgocylu) #1551

Hunters prefix lower pellet count from 9 to 7.

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What part does that again? Like would barrel 4 give it x9?

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Me and tech went thru this already hahaha. That BD is crazy good. My thought is…on Lilith hunters is great…on Roland maybe the 9 pellets is better

(odiscordia) #1554

It’s just the accuracy qualified it. If It were desert it would have 9 pellets

(Orzesz ty Brumgocylu) #1555

Mat1 and mat2 only can spawn with this prefix and can be also on barrel4. I mean it is still good but for me it is fail.
Edit: I’m not sure if barrel4 can have that prefix.

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I knew Tech was going to say that…

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Jakobs mat2 is the only combat shotgun I’ve personally seen with barrel4 and hunters prefix

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I think I have seen Torgue barrel4 Hunters but I’m not sure.

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The game is tormenting me as usual. Trying to get a Friendly fire boomstick which also will glow yellow much like explosive. So it’s essentially the ajax ogre farm all over again except I have to deal with flynts bitch ass.

(odiscordia) #1561

Yeah I tried about 5 times haha. At least it’s just one map tho. I know that there’s that arena way over on the other side and it will give you a fast travel spot. It might be just a tad closer to digtown

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This is the only hybrid I’ve never seen, around 300 kills I have to do a break, I could not look at Flynt face anymore lol.

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