Item fail of the day

(odiscordia) #1565

craw ur a funny mf. Just for reference, this is, parts wise, my grail hellfire. Minus the crumminess

(Orzesz ty Brumgocylu) #1566

(I can win! I feel great! I CAN DO THIS!!) #1567

That gun makes me upset too. Mat1 really?

(Vault Hunter - Borderlands Addict) #1568

that is grail if mat3. I too am not happy with that drop. so sorry for your loss Odi. Seriously…that is tragic. :tired_face:
edit: But DAMN is that smexy!

(Orzesz ty Brumgocylu) #1569

No! This is smexy. lol

(Vault Hunter - Borderlands Addict) #1570

you’re killing me! :persevere::disappointed_relieved:

(Orzesz ty Brumgocylu) #1571

I’m sorry, I did’t want to.

(Vault Hunter - Borderlands Addict) #1572

Its ok Tech. i know you’re coming from a “good place” :wink:

(Geomason) #1573

(Orzesz ty Brumgocylu) #1575

Here is where I’m figuring out that I’m not on PT1 lol

(odiscordia) #1576

Yeah that dropped right before I walked out the door for work this morning. Not happy. Years of farming and I’ve never seen an hx 130 with barrel4. It even has the scope I like. Like I said this game is ruthless. I’ll still use it. It’ll be my carry around. I like 130s enough I can deal

(odiscordia) #1577

Update- this gun proves to me that at this point I’m just obsessed with what I believe to be perfection. I mean, it’s absurdly OP. If there were 50 badass whatevers in a room, 50 badasses would die screaming. It’s a blast to use combined with phoenix. So I guess that’s the lesson for today. It’s good when there’s lots of screaming.

(Orzesz ty Brumgocylu) #1578

(odiscordia) #1579

here’s one for the RNG. Kill 1- thumpers 4, everything else 3. By my calculation, you should have a 20% chance to get a thumper. But this result you see here is absolutely typical. I’ve started making these piles every time I farm craw. 1 kill, 20 kills…it doesn’t matter. The thumper pile is almost always at least equal and it’s usually bigger. Smh

(band) #1580

This is something I saw on the old forums, a newbie asking for some Krieg help.

Newbie: Ok, so between the fire, the blood, the screenshake, and pretty much all of the rest of the madness that is Krieg, I just cant see the enemies. Any tips to get around this?
Veteran: Just follow the screaming.

(odiscordia) #1581

round 2. Thumpers 7, everything else 4. I can’t make this ■■■■ up

(odiscordia) #1582

team everything else came back in the third quarter with 3 points to tie it up 8-8!!! BUT IT WAS TOO LITTLE TOO LATE!!! Team thumper ANNIHILATES in the forth round with an 11-10 victory and…and…WHAT THE ACTUAL ■■■■!!!

(Jack of all trades, master of one.) #1583

I may be a very bad person, but this gave me a very good laugh in the morning. :laughing:

(odiscordia) #1584

team everything else comes back with a major upset in game 2, just sliding past team thumper with a 12-10 lead!!! Tune in this time tomorrow for the season final! Still…my point stands. I’ve killed craw easily 1000 times and it’s always been like this.

(kills Craw with Knoxx's Gold) #1585

Here we go again!

of 62583 weapon drops:
4461 SMGs
1476 Thumpers (33.1%)

That is still a ■■■■■■■■ rate for a part that totally ruins a gun…