Item fail of the day

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So vicious did not get damage bonus like fearsome on volcano right?

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Oh yeah here is that lance it even have my favorit sight

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That is sweet. You see the chart? Just like I thought. I knew it had to be cause I was comparing a level 68 lb vicious to a level 69 ppz liquid

(Orzesz ty Brumgocylu) #1611

Can you post a picture of this guns?

(odiscordia) #1612

I can’t actually. It was one of the ones I lost when I lost that Lilith save. The lb one anyway. By my figure the highest possible dmg orion would be a level 69 lb vicious with barrel4

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Shame, I would like to see confirmation of that.

(odiscordia) #1614

I promise lol

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Its not that I dont belive you but you know confirmation is always appreciated.

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Yeah it sucks I lost it. I really liked it. I might have another one I could compare…I remember picking up another lb with a different character…it all becomes such a blur

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We have to wait for @billthebetta then, everything will be clear lol

I what to know if that is true?

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Idt bill is interested in being our go to for gearcalc. Understandably, I imagine he is a busy guy. Perhaps Kurt would help us this time? :slight_smile:

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Oh Yeah then @Kurtdawg13 could check this?

(Vault Hunter - Borderlands Addict) #1620

i played with a ton of variations. took quite a while but it seems to me that mat3, vicious prefix with barrel4 provides that highest damage.

edit: in order to get the vicious prefix you have to have body2.

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Why this is lvl 61?

(Vault Hunter - Borderlands Addict) #1622

that is as high as gearcalc goes. at least the one i know about. if there is another version that goes to 68 69 please let me know.

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damn I’m good

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I am the last person you should ask about it lol, I do not know anything about gearcalc.

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Jeffrey Blake yeah I like that👍