Item Fail(s) of the Day (BL2)

(Mikethemidget12) #1

Borderlands forum has this so we need it too. Post your fails, whether it be a legendary or a pearl or a purple or any other color!

(Kwisatz Haderach) #2

A WTF shield from…the Loot Train.

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(Chachava) #3

I didn’t get a picture but I did get an Unending (Increased mag size) Infinity from Doc Mercy while trying to farm for an Incendiary, it just felt like kind of a kick in the teeth…and to top it off it was 2 levels below me too, lol.

(99 HellbornKriegers) #4

WTFx2 un the treasure room

(Carlton Slayer) #5

Getting (so far) my one and only Carnage- and it’s OP6 when I’m OP8…

(Berserker) #6

Got a Fire Bee from a Loot Midget yesterday… with a 2.2 fuse time.

(Jimmy_cornflower) #7

Killed The snowman the other day and I got my first ever triple drop in the train chest.

Caustic Leech
Fabled Tortoise
Legendary Gunzerker

Worst legendary grenade and maybe class mod and a pretty terrible legendary shield, IMO.

Only thing that would have made it worse was a Cradle.

(King of the Loot Midgets) #8

I think you mean Legendary Berserker - Gunzerker A: can’t drop in the chest and B: is actually good.

(kenloe) #9

Having this drop…

…and not having any plans on, or interest in, playing that character.

(I'm back! Somewhat!) #10

I think you can add this to that list:

I’ve spent god knows how long trying to get an OP3 version…and this pops up at OP0…

(Chachava) #11

I thought the Torgue Machines only ever carried ‘at level’ items, at least that’s always been my experience. So if this wasn’t just a case of accidentally forgetting to put your OP level back up (Something I’ve done a fair few times), then that really is bad luck.

(Jimmy_cornflower) #12

You are correct. I always get those mixed up since I just associate all the original Legendary class mods with the character class.

Legendary Gunzerker is what I’m always wearing for the most part and is extremely good. Legendary Berserker I what I’m always getting to drop when playing with any character it seems and isn’t very good. Don’t even bother picking them up anymore.

(Njp1589) #13

After nabbing the Mercenary Day DLC for $0.98 during the Steam Sale, I figured I’d start farming the train. A few runs in, and I saw double Orange Beams!

… From a Whiskey Tango Foxtrot and a Cradle.

(kenloe) #14

From the Department of Redundant Redundancy…


Old Slappy dropped me a Striker today.

Too bad it had a blade, a Tediore grip, a bandit stock, and was underleveled.

0 For 4 on that one, Slappy.

(Orion5666) #16

I got a Legendary Hunter Class Mod from a chest in Marcus Munitions Storeroom, then I lost it because the game glitched, froze and didn’t save.

Been looking for one ever since…

(Master of Eeveelution) #17

It seems this post has been long forgotten, but I earlier posted something in the “What did you do in BL2 during your most recent session?” thread that probably belongs here.

Farming the Frosty Train as we all do, and got an Infinity. I rage-quit faster than I killed Frosty.

(LootHunter_twitch) #18

It has. I have a great drop for this thread, will post when I can. Plenty of loot trolls lately, should keep this up.

(Rumplebunny) #19

I too have gotten an Unending Infinity (from the cardboard box next near the fast travel in Sanctuary). When I saw it I was like “…oh come on, really?” Still, “unending infinity” has a cute redundant ring to it…

(Vault Hunter - Borderlands Addict) #20

Looking for matching grip/ no sight and Hyperion stock. :persevere:
Been dboard farming this item for over 2 weeks. ugh!

Sight was not Tediore. So close… :sweat_smile:

I’ve had this show up 3 times already. I have this version and would prefer the hyperion stock. :confounded:

Ah, ■■■■! :disappointed:

A quick search showed this thread existed. I was about to create one. Necro intended!