Item Fail(s) of the Day (BL2)

no element :disappointed:

& 5 minutes later


I started a boosted Axton to do a Hyperion allegiance run.
literally the first chest i opened had this in it

Meanwhile my Maliwan Salvador found this:

(i think this is the first time i got a storm front from those guys)

I’m noticing a recurring theme with my allegiance characters…

also i got two equally horrible bees in one forest run


Judging by the recharge delay, this is the perfect parts Bee but… OP9.

OP10 Longbow Singularity with the 0.0 fuse time… and fire element instead of slag.


a large upgrade in every stat except the one i actually care about :frowning:

so close to a +6 in money shot :frowning:

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Haven’t played for a few months, nothing changed though, my Maliwan Sal is still good at finding things that aren’t Maliwan. Also, Sawtooth Cauldron can eat a bag of dicks.

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Rise from your grave!

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