Item Finds of the Day BL2

Pete seems to drop everything at 72, but I killed around 10-15 tubbies and I only got 2 or 3 at-level COMs.

10th and final run at Bunker today he dropped an 86% Sham (Previous best was 84%), and in the chest I found a Corrosive Nasty Surprise, pretty happy with that for a single run. I also came across a Rightsizing Bitch a few runs earlier. Definitely liking these increased drop rates.

My sniper zero is just going to love this. I love it :grin:

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Orphan maker in your off hand to void the curse and the grog in main to gain health back. It´s an awesome combo. Me like a lot…

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Nice thanks for confirming that. :slight_smile:

The healing works in both hands, doesn’t matter where it is. I think he uses the Orphan Maker in the offhand because of the Deputy Sal build. Offhand guns benefit from the mag size of the main hand for the Money Shot calculation which makes two-shot Jakobs shotguns very powerful, especially the Orphan Maker because of it’s already high base damage.


True, this too!

The Curse effect, Grog effect, movement effect, and the magazine effect are why I have it in the offhand.

Yeah that is why I have it in the offhand, so I can benefit from the Grog’s magazine size.

Trying to get a Striker with a two round magazine and this ended up dropping:

The prefix killed this beast.


So I didn’t have much time since the hotfix to try really test the droprates but I did do some Marcus chest runs yesterday and some loot midget farming today.
Yesterday I did about 10 runs for the loot train and I got a Deliverance in it on the first try. Right on the second run I got 3! legendaries in one run: a mongol, a legendary hunter mod and a fastball!
Today I am doing a few runs for LLM and I finished 5 so far and this is what I received from those 5:

Pretty pleased with those drop rates so far!!

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This is a screenshot from while I watched Smikers try to kill 100 loot midgets to test drop rates. I decided to play along. Since I had Animal Rights active, i was a bit faster :stuck_out_tongue:

My own record of my runs is at the bottom, in the notepad doc. 99 midgets. 16 drops. 5 pearls.

Here’s as many screenshots as I remembered to take:

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Has anyone tested Terra for his named gear yet (Hide, Breath, etc)?

Best I have gotten so far today is an OP8 Legendary Siren - Max Stats (+53% Cooldown, +39% Gun Damage) from the Loot Train.

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from the gold golem

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Well I farmed Bug Gulch with my L64 Siren for a bit last night and had a few Tubby Spiderants rock up. First catch was a L64 Legendary Cat with 88% SMG damage and 32% accuracy penalty, followed by a L65 one just after I leveled with a near perfect 131% damage and 31% accuracy penalty. I also got two Nukems from the Black Queen and a Legendary Nurse and Legendary Assassin Mod to round things off. Still waiting to get my Legendary Binder but all in all I can’t complain :wink:

Farming the Ogre is just torture, I tried to get one for my OP5 Krieg a couple of times but I’m already tempted to abandon the idea. I did get both Legendary grenade mods from Badass Sorcerers, so it wasn’t a complete waste of time. I also got an OP5 Pandemic from Pete and an OP5 corrosive Practicable Interfacer after a lot of tries.

Yesterday i play with Sal and two friends digistruct peak. we played two rounds from OP4 to 6. we get two nukems from black queen, two hellfire (at the same time) from scorch and a rapid infinity from doc mercy. not bad for a play time of about 1 hour! :acmcheese:

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same to me, its just a pain in the ass…after i died one hundred thousand times i thought ok…done to me!

These are from yesterday, I’m debating whether to do a couple of pre-work runs, but I just wanna sit and watch TV…

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I got the great idea to try and get an op8 ogre so as you can imagine I got the living s#!t kicked out of me multiple times… But it wasn’t for nothing!