Item Finds of the Day BL2

Farming for it.

Ten runs on the AD for the survey netted a Rolling Thunder and a 87% Sham (which replaced the OP6 83% one I’d been using)…

9th try… that’ll work…

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Your so god damn lucky. I can never get a element lyuda to drop XD. Not having x3 drop rate f****** sucks -_-.

Can you not connect to the internet?

SHiFT is down for for an extended maintenance.


That awkward moment when you accidentally link to the latest post instead of the OP. Fixed now.

Sorry, but I’m not sure how shift relates to drop rate increase.

That hotfix (and many others) is in place via shift. It is not hard-patched into the game.
It can only be applied when you connect to shift. And with Shift down, it is not applied.

Interesting, that explains why my friends had terrible luck, while t was raining legendaries and pearls for me. :smile:

SHiFT is back online now! :slight_smile:

I may be now but it wasn’t always that way. I had to wait until I got into UVHM (2 entire play throughs) to get ANY… ANY drop or find better than a blue out the Dust. I thought I’d never get a Lyuda at all, and I had over 80 kills on just Gettle and Mobley alone. The whole map and every potential loot source in it was locked up tight, so I do feel your pain.

Ten more runs on the AD netted these items: OP8 Neogenator, OP8 L. Mechromancer and an Op 8 Cradle

Got this without dashboarding:

Didn’t pick up the Sham, but did take the new Topneea.

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WHY DID U NOT TAKE THE SHAM?!? Its a 93%, 1% of being pefect!

He might already have a 94% one would be my guess…

Or a 93%

That Pimpernel isn’t all that good. Jakobs grip and hyperion stock? I guess if you’re going for the highest damage number, it’s ok, but Maliwan grip is generally considered the #1.

well, yes, but the odds of getting a Barking and an Incendiary and perfect parts are pretty remote. I think I’d take that if it came up straightaway rather than farm for potentially hours

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It only took me like 2 hours to get a set of 4 banbury/maliwan grip, with the exception of shock which was barking.

Fair play to you. It usually takes me a lot longer to get what I want and I often lose the will to live and accept anything after an hour or two. Gotta love RNG!

How do you get 4?