Item Finds of the Day BL2

My first Vorac kill! Bloodsplosion is fun. First interfacer ever too.

New playthrough…


[quote=“Master_Beef, post:2960, topic:2130, full:true”]
I got a world drop Storm from a loader during A Dam Fine Rescue. I didn’t even know it was possible for a pearl to be a world drop.[/quote]Item Finds of the Day BL2

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Yep, the most surprising world drop I had was a Fairy dropping me an OP7 Avenger. And that was about 5 minutes after I’d hit OP8.

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It happens from time to time, I’ve had at least three or four pearl’d drops. Still extremely rare though, congrats!

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This is one of the newly findable skins, right?

Found from a scavenger in Sawtooth Cauldron, so there’s one possible source.


The skin could have dropped from some other source and the Scavenger could have picked it up, like they do with other items laying around. Still, nice find! I think that is the first Dahl Efficiency drop post on this thread so congratulations!

Indeed it is.

I came across 4 dahl efficiency skins from the marcus vendor in mercenary day while farming the loot train the other day. All for the siren, but it does look like its becoming a vendor regular for me when I actually check them

EDIT: I am a total dummy and was thinking of a different skin. Disregard

Good to know that Dahl Efficiency looks to be a drop from normal enemies and not simply added to the loot pool of Bosses like Terramorphous and BNK3R. This gives an added incentive to kill everything :blush:.

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Are you sure that it wasn’t Dahl Elite, like the one in the post below?

I need to check my siren to be sure, but I think you’re right. I’m a dummy, haha

Yes, it is! So now we finally have a possible source for at least one of them.

I started this farm 3 years ago. coming back off and on…with the recent update and finding out they increased the drop rate. I was all over it…took me close to 7 hours. I’m just happy it finally dropped.


Some crazy luck going down tonight! I’ve been tearing through the Beatdown hoping to get one. Never seen that thing at all.

Loot from yesterday and today:

FINALLY Maliwan sight

This was SOOO hard to get. It dropped on the first run, BUT a Ulti-badass slag skag, a Pimon and Tumba, ~5 rabid stalkers, ~20 other stalkers were there and it was unbelievably hard to kill them. Also about 10 rakks.


First one of the snowmen dropped me this

Then I scored a corrosive fastball and a cruddy sham

World drop from a random spiderant


Vendor win in The Highlands - Outwash:

Smash Head was nice:
and his leg. too


Did a Scorch farm for a while. Tight bastard didn’t drop anything but got ambushed by twin Tubby Spiderants in the caves and they dropped an OP8 Legendary Ranger and an OP7 Legendary Engineer

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