Item Finds of the Day BL2


Warrior drops
Stupid Sal jack mask took my legendary drop :cry:

“I notice you didn’t have a Maya in your co-op playthrough, so here’s some incentive.”

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running through WEP making my way to farm some loot midgets and get an Avenger world drop from a super badass loader! First ever Avenger! Anybody got any tips on how to get this best use of it for me?


running to pyro Petes bar and in that middle torque vendor, which I never check, I find this perfect all torque DPPR!


This seems to be full of info. Hope it helps.

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Thank you, that really helped. If only I got a fire one. But I’m sure shock could be quite useful for Pyro Pete. Definitely going to have to get an Axton Grenadier build going now

Drops from Southpaw
My first commerce, pretty underwhelmed on LBT Gaige, my try popping Discord and seeing how crits go

Finished main story of DLC1 NVHM with Zer0, got these along the way:

Nine magazine size fire Topneaa. I’m in love with this thing. It does have a Torgue sight which kinda sucks, but man this thing melts enemies :smiley:


The first time i got two at once. :smiley:

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Doing the Sawtooth Cauldron missions and a tubby midget dropped an OP8 L. Sickle for me…

Treasure of the sands day 1 farming results:

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While on the way to meet Spycho I ran into Scorch, who dropped me an OP7 Consummate Hellfire…


That screenshot looks familiar xD

Oh, yep. January 2015.

Nice try hehehehehe xDDD



Got an op6 slag wanderlust with an oo6 legendary ninja while doing tubby runs in arid nexus badlands. Couldn’t give the the legendary killer I’ve been looking for -_-

Hey, but at least you got a Wanderlust, so it’s not all bad, right? Right? :acmcheese: