Item Finds of the Day BL2

Got a level 50 CCC from the Warrior after finishing TVHM…

Not sure how hot fixes work, so I can’t say, sadly.

Is that initial digit days then? I wasn’t sure.

It could be called this gun isn’t gonna hit ■■■■, idc as long as it has the same stats and the bullet splits into 3, there’s no need to be sad @kuhchung. :acmaffirmative:

Had butt stallion drop me a twin emerald Dahl repeater with a Dahl grip and maliwan scope that was shock.

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Great morning, farming dust for tubbys and gettle/ Mobley yielded these:

I almost didn’t pick up that last one because my inventory was full thought I dropped an item and picked it up when I checked my items before saving and quitting I realized I didn’t went back and it was still there!

Nice Lyuda your on ps3 right?

Ya ps3, was disappointed with the first lyuda but the second one cheered me up got them back to back runs to, the only thing is I wish it was shock I like those better.

If you ever get to op8 or need help just pm me.

Oh I’ll get too OP8 lol can’t wait till I get there actually I have sets of pimps and sandhawks waiting for me that I got from @tank1er that I can’t wait to use, and sure thing it’d be fun to Co- op for a change.

Yeah, I get that, but Maliwankenobi’s scenario is when he has launched the game, not connected, and then mid-game DOES connect. I can’t imagine the game applying those kinds of fixes when it’s already launched, but maybe I’m not thinking creatively enough.

I also don’t know how the game launches outside of PC. Anyway it’s not important. As Maliwankenobi said, as long as it has 2 unlisted projectiles and fires like an assault rifle with the extra damage of a sniper, good enough :stuck_out_tongue:

Ahh my bad. Thats what I get for attempting to be helpful when I first wake up.

Nah it’s cool, happens to me all the time though I’ve been getting into a habit of checking if I’m signed into psn now just to make sure when I wasn’t doing that I remember farming things for hours wondering why I’m not getting anything then checking and I was signed out, that’s also when I didn’t have auto sign in enabled. My Internet also does this stupid modem or router reset thing every now and then and when it does that a lot of the times I’m farming and I say ugh that could’ve been a legendary

If you mean the total time that you’ve played the game measured in real time, then yes. On the 360/Xbox One when you hit Y to select a different character, a detail box appears to the right with the name of the character, the current mission they’re on, the last active mission they can turn in and a total of the time you have playing that character. I kind of thought this was universal across all platforms…:nerd:

Yes, you have it on PC, I’d just never clicked what the extra digit referred to after hours/mins/sec. D’oh! Anyway that means I’ve given over 25 days to Maya… she deserved it all :smiley:

My latest find turned out to be the most desirable COM for Sniper Zer0:

Provided that it is OP7 instead of OP8, it combines the highest bonuses for Sniper Rifle Damage stats (as OP8 version does as well) and the lowest Shield Capacity decrease possible for both OP7 and OP8 +51% / +51% versions. It’s definitely worth of all my Tubby search-and-destroy runs :grinning:



Double drop from Tubby Bones

Terra was in a good mood last night, killed him 7-8 times and got these.