Item Finds of the Day BL2

I don´t turn in the mission: Treasure in the sand. That way you can farm the treasure room over and over again, take a look on Youtube, search for Treasure room glitch.
If you´re on ps4, add me and I´ll show you.

Nice finds btw!

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Thanks for info! Didn´t know this.

I’m on PC mate, but thanks. :smiley:

EDIT: Nope, didn’t work.

EDIT 2: IT WORKED!!!, got an Impaler, a Gub and a Electric Leech xD

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its been a great day so far. This drop rate increase is incredible. I played for a little over 3 hours and look how many legendarys i got. Also the bunker is super generous. I got a world drop and a pearl. Pus he dropped the bitch three times in a row. Plus another time. KNucle dragger dropped the hornet two times in a row after about 7 kills.

Great it worked!!! Happy farming :wink:

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I got Verm again soon after my post, and that’s the same head he gave me. Lucky for @DomNation he gets a free rare head as I don’t do the Kreig :smile:

Cow, got a B!tch from the bunker!, cool.

Here we go again xD

Slagga x2, BGF and Murduring

Striker x2, WK and Doc’s.

Well, this may not be an Orange or a Pearl, but ■■■■, its rare as hell.

Wait… Backburners are also rare as Weisenheimers???


Got this off a LLm in the badlands

Doing alright I can see!!!

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Got my first Weisenheimer from Hunter Hellquist. Never saw another one after. Congrats man!

Yeah there are three others like the Weisen…the Backburner, Storm and Wellness.

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@Rush86 - how many runs did you do to get all those BNK3R drops? That’s a lot of drops there!

Running Krieg thru DP and other areas of the game in general and got the following:
OP2 fiddle de Nukem, OP2 dum pa Nukem and OP3 Unending Infinity (DP)
OP5 L. Psycho x2 (one from the loot train, the other from DP)
OP3 Texas Striker and OP3 Jam Packed Gunerang (while eridium farming the Warrior)

Go farm tubbies to get a Carnage. Your K won’t regret.

This weekends items so far:

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Finally get this head to drop!! Another vermi head added to the collection.

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Haha yea i couldnt believe it. Two times in a row he dropped me a bitch after 6 runs. Then after a few more kills he drops another one. That was about 20 runs total and he dropped all that. It was only an hour of farming. I’m trying again today i want a sham.