Item Finds of the Day BL2

To celebrate finally getting around bringing Salvador to OP8 I went Deputy and kicked the flying trash can 20 times. Here’s what I found:

Meh. Why do these “Blue Legendaries”, as I call them, have to exist (basically Legendaries that work more like Blues when it comes to receiving elements and accessories. Most Legendaries are guaranteed to have an accessory and a high chance for an element. The Bitch and the Infinity are an example of those “Blue Legendaries”, having a chance for an accessory and a bad chance for an element)?
I’ll still keep the Bitch but that Sham is weaksauce.

Bonus Pic:

Love in the making, do not disturb.

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What is the mantra Kanye West says to himself every morning, Alex?


…flying trash can…lol…

But you have an accessory, Reload Speed. Getting non elemental Bitches really f*cking sucks though, so I feel your pain. :frowning:

You guys XD

Only the cherry on vanilla ice cream :frowning:

Ran through Frostburn last night, got…:

  • OP8 Ruthless Topneaa (acid) from the red chest behind the electric fence
  • LLM jumped outta the red chest above the Frostburn VM, dropped a Heart/Ancients (SMG) and a Rolling Thunder

Ran B&B’s pit to try and get an OP8 Sticky Homing BP four times, got an OP8 Lobbed BP from the brothers, and the following from hidden chest behind the elevator:

  • OP8 Liquid Pitchfork (fire)
  • OP8 Legendary Mechromancer
  • OP8 Incendiary Fastball

There’s a hidden chest behind the elevator that takes you down to the TMNRats? Man- how many hidden chests are there anyway? :confounded:

Its the hidden chest at the Boom Bewn area. Kill those two, run back to the elevator, hit the switch on your left and there’s a door on your right under the elevator.

After using it a bit… yeah you’re right, it’s not that bad. Projectile speed is crazy fast.
I seem to get a lot of these uniques on first kills, so it’s kind of confusing when people say they’re “rare” drops.

Maya is now a mighty OP 1, and got this after unlocking OP…


Never knew Loot Midgets could spawn in red chests…

I don’t even know what dropped this fastball. My only guess is that Chain Reaction killed something and I never saw it…

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[quote=“Carlton_Slayer, post:2086, topic:2130”]Man- how many hidden chests are there anyway?[/quote]Actually, that is a good question. But as for where/who, I was talking about Boom/Bewm:

Yup. Second one I can recall. Always a “Holy s***!”, partly because the little guy jumps out with a Torgue 12-gauge:

“Who wants snacks? YOU DO!”
Deadpool, “Hulk vs. Wolverine”

Killed BNK3R and the Handsome Sorcerer a few more times today. STILL no legendaries.

I’ve got 99 SMGs and a Bitch ain’t one.


<img src="//" width=“690”


Being trolled by leg siren mod for the last 2 days… Found 3 randomly 2 in loot train b2b one from the uba at entrance to LLMs in WEP.

i liked that i found a workers glory and arevolt glory in heroes pass.

Depends on the Uniques in question really. Stinkpot is one of those who aren’t guaranteed but otherwise still rather common. DLC3 is full those actually.
The Hive, Blockhead, Pot O’ Gold, Norfleet, Longbow, Kiss of Death and all of Terra’s drops but the Pitchfork and Slayer are just as rare as any other Legendary (and rarer due to being outnumbered by them in some cases) but can’t be find anywhere else but their intended source (except for the Kiss of Death also being a reward of a Moxxi mission).

Got these in the same LLMs run a min ago. The leg catalyst mod from a tubby down below mordys stash red chest

No-Beard, Sandman, Big Sleep, the Monster Truck, jack, and peter zaford dont respawn so you only get one shot at the stinkpot, pot o’ gold, 12 pounder, i cant remember any more.

Big Sleep and Sandman respawn