Item Finds of the Day BL2

Got a level 18 Murdering Slagga from the Hodunks on the way to Lynchwood…

My finds from the weekend spent mostly head/skin farming with Maya. image
Also improved my Imammable Bee.

And had my greatest find to-date (worth reposting lol)


Has anyone ever seen a lvl 72 Bekah? Is it even possible? Or any of the 2nd Gen pearls for that matter?

Yeah I actually dropped a level 72 storm from the warrior last night while farming eridium.


Hmm. Farming King Mong for an incendiary Rappid Badaboom and he drops… A Quasar!
Sadly, couldnt capture it cause my game crashed

I got level 72 Godfinger once, and a level 63 Godfinger (found by a level 62 character).


I can see it now…

That’s a fairly decent Sham. Best I’ve ever found is an 89%. Still holding out for the elusive 94%…

Double purple shield drop from Master Gee (thanks!):

Zer0’s turn to take on DLC1 in NVHM, got these in Oasis:


Some highlights of my Salvador playthrough:

My ravager luck is INSANE this playthrough;

Did some LLM runs while doing the preservation main quest:


Some excellent luck in WEP, TVHM.
From the chest in the second Mordecai stash.
From one of the Doctor’s Orders loot midgets - only the third time a loot midget has ever dropped anything for me. This replaced my level 35 Homing Bonus Package. :slightly_smiling:

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Took some time, 68 runs, but finally had a tailless scaylion in Scylla’s grove drop this gem.


Thank you,I’ve about given up all hope. Even took my Maya to OP 2 thinking I might get lucky and have something drop 2 lvls under…

Vendor win in Hayter’s Folly:

Tried to find a decent Necromancer mod for my Gaige file, found this instead.

This works.

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can i have other thing that isn’t a bekah, a storm or a wanderlust plz?


Are you seriously complaining about getting too many Bekahs? Gee, way to rub your luck in our faces, dude… Not cool.

I’m joking, of course. I wish I had that luck. I haven’t seen a single pearl drop from a Tubby in almost two years. I’m beginning to think my game is broken.


I wish I had his luck too, all I ever get are storms, and under-leveled ones at that

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