Item Finds of the Day BL2

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While on the way to meet Spycho I ran into Scorch, who dropped me an OP7 Consummate Hellfire…


That screenshot looks familiar xD

Oh, yep. January 2015.

Nice try hehehehehe xDDD



Got an op6 slag wanderlust with an oo6 legendary ninja while doing tubby runs in arid nexus badlands. Couldn’t give the the legendary killer I’ve been looking for -_-

Hey, but at least you got a Wanderlust, so it’s not all bad, right? Right? :acmcheese:

hahaha what? why would someone lie about an item they got?? Using a picture from the exact same thread they posted in? This makes no sense!

He/she used it for making spam.
Any doubts?

And there are people who lies about item drops. They aren’t in the forum, but they exist.

I cannot properly form words to express how much this astounds me…just…wow.


I believe you, it’s just really bizarre to me. Why waste your time lying about finding a Bekah? It boggles my mind.

bekah’s come to me to be honest xD

I wish that were true for me :sweat:

Ive gotten quite a few bekahs lately myself. I think the last like 5-7 pearls Ive gotten has been gen 2. Bekahs,godfingers or even the wanderlust recently :smile:. I’ve gotten pretty lucky.
Also I’ve just gotten the legendary killer Ive been yearning for!! YAY!!

Finished off my Axton OP8 run with a gift of a Reactive CC from the Warrior. As far as the Bekah goes I’ve managed to land 5 of them (2 Deadshot, 2 Boss and I think the last is a Wyld?)- everyone except Sal carries one…

Lol stealing and re-posting Item finds…SMH, I suppose that was bound to happen at some point, pretty ridiculous though.

Wow he’s suspended till 2289 that’s a bit much if you ask me lol. But we proabley shouldn’t talk about it.

If you have any concerns, please PM a moderator on issues like this.

Oh no I’m not concerned I think it’s funny should I delete the comment?

No lets just get back on topic