Item Finds of the Day BL2

(Vault Hunter w/Moxie and UCP free) #7642

correct, you were not online at that time. I always look to have someone clean it up for me. It just seems like such a waste. Next time brutha. :wink:


Found this while taking Krieg through the Sawtooth Cauldron with the patch running.

(Carlton Slayer) #7644

So, so close…

(Vault Hunter w/Moxie and UCP free) #7645

I was about to lose my ■■■■. :smirk:

Been trying for that for quite sometime. I’ve stopped the dboard farming for now. But I’ll pick it back up again. so close…


Found these at the end of a jakobs zero Digi run, already have better ones but still

P.S from my phone so resolution will be butchered :joy:

(Vault Hunter w/Moxie and UCP free) #7647

Nice Rustler’s Quad you’re holding. :wink:


Thanks lol farmed the loot train for shotties a few days ago, prefer my Doc’s quad though tbh

(Vault Hunter w/Moxie and UCP free) #7649

as would I. :acmaffirmative:

(That's not gamer friendly bro) #7650

I honestly like the coach gun more


I have both but not a fan of the coach gun

(That's not gamer friendly bro) #7652

It’s all personal preference honestly as long as you can kill effectively we’re good

(Vault Hunter w/Moxie and UCP free) #7653

I’m still looking for a perfect Doc’s Coach Gun to try out on my dep sal. I want to try it out.


Looking for it on Xbox one I assume?

Thread derailment posts here please!
(Cfleet2) #7655

Looking for a 72 Legendary Soldier Class Mod if anyone wants to help me out. Ive got 08 gear to trade.

(That's not gamer friendly bro) #7656

You can make your own thread for that dude

(Cfleet2) #7657

Sorry man.

(That's not gamer friendly bro) #7658

It’s all good dude

(Rush86) #7659

(Ultimate Loot Hunter) #7660

UVHM reset, nice drop from Flynt :smile:

(Rumplebunny) #7661

Did some more BNK3R farming. Pretty stingy but he gave up an ok-ish Sham after a while.

Finally got bored of big bot hunting, so I went over to Pete’s Bar so Maya could rack up her first OP8 Pete kill. He dropped a garden-variety Big Boom Blaster, but the red chests upstairs each had a little prize: