Item Finds of the Day BL2

("The first rule of Fight Club...") #7662


Digi chests treating me right today…

(Carlton Slayer) #7664

Just a couple of things Nurse Ratchet and Big Salle got recently…

(Vault Hunter, Guide, Forum Dad) #7665

Not often that you get a mission reward item like this with an accessory:

I might actually swap that one over to my level 50 Zer0!


Very nice! Great to have an alternative to grog/Rubi :wink:

(Carlton Slayer) #7667

Got another one of these:

Good news is that I’m now in position to farm not only this but the Sand Hawk & Pimpernel as well. In the meantime got a few other things-

I thought I also took a screenshot of the L. Psycho class mod I found in a pirate treasure chest in Washburn Refinery but doesn’t look as if it has shown up yet…

(Asurmen) #7668

Some more finds on my Sal:

Never seen something like this in a vending machine:

(Today, everything was fine in Opportunity and nothing bad happened.) #7669

Just a casual corrosive Lyudmila that is, shockingly, not at OP8. Also, there’s an Onslaught Veruc in the background there, but I didn’t snap a picture of it since I didn’t plan on using it at all (non-elemental).


All hail queen butt stallion!

Anyone know what accessory the shotties have? If they do have any

( [master] of com[bate]) #7671

Judging from the stats, Coach is Huntin’ ( accuracy ) ; the Quad is Well Kept ( general improvement ).


Thanks! Worth keeping?

( [master] of com[bate]) #7673

The Jakobs stock on the Quad will make the second shot go wild, but I’d definitely give them both a chance.

I prefer the Coach Gun in general for its accuracy but it’s a one shot gun - ok for Zer0, no good for Sal.

The Quad? Well I don’t really use them, but I know you like them. It’s a pretty good one despite the stock.


Ye I was hoping for hyperion stock



disliked coach guns till I got this… Had no idea the right parts would make such a difference.
no clue about the parts on the shredifier as I don’t use AR’s very much.

(Carlton Slayer) #7676

Could come in handy if I ever do an allegiance run…

I did take this:

And passed on all of these:

(Today, everything was fine in Opportunity and nothing bad happened.) #7677

Looks to me like Vladof grip and Dahl stock, which is pretty much perfect IMO.


Ahhh, thanks :slight_smile:

( [master] of com[bate]) #7679

Here’s a great guide to gun parts :


That’s the one I use lol was just too lazy to look at the AR part and half the time idk where the accessories are located on my gun :confused:

( [master] of com[bate]) #7681

Honestly , there are very few accessories on various guns that are obvious. Vertical grip on shotguns , accuracy on pistols are easy ; but in some cases they are hidden or even identical to another ( shotguns are bad for this ).

Obviously the prefix will tell you in most cases, but for gemstones I use the Gear Calculator :

It only goes to level 50, but the stats other than damage will be correct.