Item Finds of the Day BL2

(Carlton Slayer) #7742

Dee Lightful got her ROM :grin:

Reverend Pain dropped down to normal to make the Item of the Day challenge easier on his wallet. As he hadn’t faced down Terra in normal then he did it now and got this:

Lord of Death went in search of grenade upgrades as most of his are OP4-6:

Seriously? :disappointed:
Reverend Pain had better luck but this Fire Bee isn’t better than the Fire Storm he has equipped

(Matīss Lociks) #7743

World drop from spiderant pile:

Another pearl from tubby:

(Carlton Slayer) #7744

Finally unlocked OP5 and got a few things along the way…

(Joel M Chambers) #7745

Binary Thunderball Fists.
Btw, did they change the loot table for Savage Lee since I played last? Picked up my Siren after 6 months of not playing, sent her into TVHM for the first time… 32 runs in, Lee has only dropped cash. Also, the ammo stores don’t sell grenade mods anymore except for item of the day? Is my install broken or did they do some recoding since August?

(Today, everything was fine in Opportunity and nothing bad happened.) #7746

Lee still drops the Harold, he can just be extremely stingy at times. As for the grenade mods thing, that’s a known glitch on the Microsoft systems. I don’t think we’ll see a fix coming any time soon, unfortunately.

(The quick and the dead) #7747

Got these while taking care of side missions in the Highlands:


Some more notable finds of today ran steam and power a bunch of times got a skin and a perfect judge so yay

Also did terra a couple times nothing that notable im still looking for hide of terra…


I always wondered if the Breath could be Longbow…I assumed it could, but everyone I’ve found has been Lobbed or Rubberized.


even more farming steam and power. With a random hornet

(Carlton Slayer) #7751

(Asurmen) #7752

Finally got my last character, Sal, to level 72 today. Some finds along the way:

(The Phant0m 0f Perfecti0n) #7753

A fresh update on my finds:

A week ago finally made it to OP8 with my Zer0 :sunglasses: that was a real challenge when the last enemy turned out to be a Badass Repair Surveyor got stuck somewhere in the cliffs in the second to last area (just before OMGWTH) on my OP7 run… I was extremely lucky that I took that Norfleet from my previous post here with me - it took me 200+ rockets to shoot the cliff until I heard the horn sound commented by Tannis. :exploding_head:

My first ever perfect OP8 item.

Now I need only 2 Pimps (Corrosive Barking and Incendiary Banbury ones) with the proper parts to complete my collection… I think now I know all the lines spoken by all the NPCs over the DLC1 course up to the “Don’t Copy That Floppy” mission turn-in point by heart :smile:

(Carlton Slayer) #7755

Got a few things from several failed attempts at an official OP8 run with Lord of Death…

(Aye) #7756

Got my pimps all Banbury man enjoy yours

(Flesh Crunch) #7757

So started to farm some midgets for relics 5 min ago.
First run found this

And yes this is a butcher with a hyperion stock in the background :smile: also a topneaa in the chest

(SEATTLE - 12 - SEAHAWKS) #7758

Had a friend ask if I had a Storm he could have, then had this drop 5 min later.

(Carlton Slayer) #7759

(Carlton Slayer) #7760

More stuff from more failed Peak runs (except for the first and last screenshots)- hoping to add a pearl here eventually…

(Ultimate Loot Hunter) #7761

Think it might be the first Butcher i’ve had from a chest. Yet alone having an Element to it!! Being farming all red chest runs in the game to see which ones are fastest and easiest. This was the Beatdown, 2 chests in 36secs :smile:

(Carlton Slayer) #7762