Item Finds of the Day BL2

(Ultimate Loot Hunter) #7783

Get a PS4 and it’s yours!

(Vault Hunter w/Moxie and UCP free) #7784

I wouldn’t accept it. not to be rude, I appreciate the offer. But I’m a farmer. :blush:

(The Phant0m 0f Perfecti0n) #7785

A fresh update on my finds:

Nice grenade mod for completing the Corroderate and Chemical Sprayer challenges at the same time.

It took me two weeks to finally get my hands on that Barking Pimpernel… though it has the Vladof scope instead of the Dahl one, I’ll nevertheless keep it.

Redeemed 6 codes for the Norfleets and 9 codes for the Lyudas and these are the best I got. I wonder if these 2 incendiary Lyudas are sufficient to farm Terra… the same thought about that shock Lyuda coupled with the incendiary Skorry Lyuda against the Ancient Dragons. What do you think?

A nice replacement for my LV.50 blue slag Snider - this OP8 beauty has the Maliwan barrel, grip and scope + Hyperion stock (which is better than the Maliwan one). Interesting fact: to make this gun slag any opponent with the 100% chance, I’ll need to improve my bonus elemental effect chance to 26.5% with the BAR tokens (currently I have only 15%). To achieve the same rate with my slag Pimp, I’ll need to reach an impressive 54.4% (!!!) increase in this stat, which is extremely unlikely :smile:

Now I’m gonna get the last Pimp left to complete my collection, but in order not to go mad while doing so, I’m also gonna have some breaks raiding the Hayter’s Folly area and attempting to get some top Rapier and [maybe] something of value in these 4 Pirate chests (like this Snider above) on and beyond the way to the Message in a Bottle turn-in point (I assume everyone here knows this route?).

Place your bets on how much time these two goals will take me :rofl:

(Carlton Slayer) #7786

Wait, wait, wait- where are they giving out Shift Codes for gear? Is this for all platforms or just like Twitter or Facebook type deals (because I don’t social media at all- unless you count this forum…).

(Vault Hunter w/Moxie and UCP free) #7787

this is my facebook. :wink: I’m with ya @Carlton_Slayer
and I didn’t know you can get a fleet by simply entering a shift code. think of all the LF requests threads… lmao We could be saying, “enter a shift code” they’re that easy to get. lmao :joy:

(The Phant0m 0f Perfecti0n) #7788

The codes for all of the guns seen on these pics weren’t publicly available as they had come from the Diamond Loot Plate Chests - some people owning those chests still sell the codes individually. If interested, simply google for it - I got mine at the Ebay. :wink:

(Pluto IS a planet!) #7789

Found along the way to successfully not getting Sal to OP 8 (again)…

(Ashtrayz420) #7790

Hidden Sub-Machine gun found in Frostburn Canyon. “Flying Lascaux” (UVH Mode) PEST-RAW_me (PS4) was the 1st and only 1 to find it so far. Its located in one of the frozen ponds right behind a Spiderant hive and beside a Bandit camp. Its rarity is blue as it blends in with the colour of the pond.

("The first rule of Fight Club...") #7791

Welcome to the forum!:wave:

(Vault Hunter w/Moxie and UCP free) #7792

What’s this? A Hidden Sub-Machine gun? Whaaaaaaaat?! :scream:

Yes, welcome! I’ll second @Sun_Tsunami 's remark! :acmaffirmative:

pardon my sarcasm, I couldn’t resist!

(Pluto IS a planet!) #7793

Just FYI - that gun is always there, and in UVHM scales to the player level (in the lower modes, it scales to the player’s level when they first enter Frostburn). It’s a great gun to get when leveling up, and if nothing else a good cash source, since you can always get one.

And welcome!

(Vault Hunter w/Moxie and UCP free) #7794

Way to kill my joke Ossie! lmao :joy:

(Pluto IS a planet!) #7795

You posted while I was still working on mine…oops.

( [master] of com[bate]) #7796

Hey speaking of which, remember we were talking about multiple Lascaux’s ( how should the plural be written? ) if you enter/exit Frostburn?

There was the suggestion that one will drop for each time you enter ; I tried this and no matter what I can only get two.

(Vault Hunter w/Moxie and UCP free) #7797

Dude, I tested that when we were discussing it. I had about 25 show up.

But, that was on console. Hmmmmm? :thinking:

(Pluto IS a planet!) #7798

I think the game gets kinda iffy about that…I’ve done it before and had multiples at times, but other times I only found two as well. EDIT - on PC.

( [master] of com[bate]) #7799

Time for science!

(Vault Hunter w/Moxie and UCP free) #7800


Ha ha! Found it!

Edit: this was a super boring test. walking in and out of Frostburn, over and over. so boring. I stopped at about 25 enter/exits.

zoomed out shot as I’m approaching the “pond”

This shot shows it spawns with different parts, they are not fixed. :wink:

(I’m Nat and just a Number.) #7801

The Lascaux is a defrost Fridgia. A Scav turned bandit put it there to defrost the cryo.

(Rumplebunny) #7802

I like that one lone non-conformist Lascaux off in the corner who’s being all like screw you guys I’m too punk for you.