Item Finds of the Day BL2

(SEATTLE - 12 - SEAHAWKS) #7809

So I’m sitting here farming Terra for a Breath grenade and i just noticed that “of” on the Slayer of Terra com for the Psycho is the only one not capitalized.

After many dozens of kills I did score the Pop and Rock skin for my Mech.

(I stopped moving and the orphans caught me. Tannis was right.) #7810

@venom616 seems to be well set for Storms, followed by Sawbars.

(Carlton Slayer) #7811

My Axton mule Alexander Brave got this just before hitting Bunker and is now the lowest level legendary com I’ve found, replacing the level 29 L. Psycho I found very early in my play time…

(The Phant0m 0f Perfecti0n) #7812

A quick update on my finds:

A replacement for my former singularity grenade to b0re the crap out of Hyperius. Also useful to complete the Singled-Out and Boom. challenges at the same time :sunglasses:

The reason why I’ve decided to put a hold on farming the Rapier. Though it’s not a perfect one, it’s still an OP8 slag transfusion with the x7 child grenade count and less than 1 sec fuse time which should be quite good (especially compared to my old LV.72 transfusion mod you can see me wearing on this pic) until I find something closer to @jhunter922’s mod :smile: Interesting fact about this grenade mod is that if you stick it to an enemy, that enemy will absorb all the child grenades at once - an extremely useful trick for a quick way to heal yourself :smiley:

Witness the arrival of my boss killer №1! It took me less than a week to get this Pimp and I still cannot believe that now since my personal collection of the Pimps (6 in total) has been complete I’m done with farming for them… :joy:

(I Huginn) #7813

I just reached lvl 72 so i was farming a quasar for my Maya. I went to Thousand Cuts for LLM hoping to get lucky.
After a while I just found a Quasar in the red chest in the Slabs’ HQ ^^’

So that was funny, and I am nom the happy owner of my first quasar



Salvester Chases OP8-ey Bird
(Carlton Slayer) #7815

A few finds from Lord of Death’s official (and successful) OP8 Peak run:


Ahhhhhh…so happy…

Damage prefix, Dahl stock. Thank you. Vladof grip which is acceptable - increased fire rate.

also got this from one of the Saturns - probably my third or fourth ever ( not that I’ll ever use it mind ) :


(Carlton Slayer) #7818

(Vault Hunter - Borderlands Addict) #7819

My 1st Norlfeet on PC, gave to @Stouty22 :grin:

I kept at it and got myself an Incendiary Fleet. :sweat_smile:

went back at Gee for a Mag3 Ahab. Just as @Stouty22 joins, I get the drop. :sunglasses:

had an Actualizer drop. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I already had an Incendiary Fleet drop, so this went to @Stouty22 :grin:

finally got my Slag variant. time to move on and come back to get the other elements later.

moved to Bunker…but that didn’t last long.

grabbed this for @Stouty22 since he was rocking a low level version. Funny thing, as soon as I gave it to him, he ran through Tinder and got one a bit better for himself. lmao Good ol, RNG!

was tired of farming Bunker, and this happened. lmao :joy:


then I went to get myself this. powerleveling build is now complete. :sunglasses:


@Kurtdawg13 and I had a play date but wasn’t quite ready when I came on line so I decided to do a Tinder round ; I got this on the first round :

So that’s completely awesome.

I’ve banked it for Kurt until he gets a mule to stick it on. All my Jakobs toons are sub-OP8 so I don’t need it - I also have a couple kicking around.
For those who don’t know, you can use this relic to make a 2-mag ROM into a 3-mag for proper Deputy-ing. Besides that it turns a Gatling Gun into PURE DEATH .

(Vault Hunter - Borderlands Addict) #7821

you also held some items for me while I ‘read-only’ farmed the Creature Slaughter Dome reward.(PC farming…) Picked this up just before crushing the CSD with @Jefe

Here are some of the items Jefe held for me so I didn’t have to run all the way back to the locker.

Holding this for @Stouty22 just in case he doesn’t have it. :blush:

last kill of the night was Saturn. I used OP8 Binary Infection and OP8 Twin Hornet. Not the best way to take on Saturn but it worked, with some Res help. lol

(The Phant0m 0f Perfecti0n) #7822

@Kurtdawg13 apologies for posting a bit off the topic, but are you playing on PC now? If so, why do I not see you and other guys like @Jefe, @Stouty22 and @billthebetta on my friend-list? Uncool bro, uncool. :smile:

(Vault Hunter - Borderlands Addict) #7823

thanks bro. I cracked the F up on your post. solving this now…
Done. :innocent:

(Borderbutts Master) #7824

Give me a sec…

Edit: done. Should see me on invitations.

(band) #7825

hm? what? what’s happening?

I won’t be home for awhile, but when I get home I’ll stalk stouty and friend you up later. :+1:



(Vault Hunter - Borderlands Addict) #7827

mines been done for a while now…Slackers! :joy::rofl:


farmed Doc for a bit.

I sold a matching grip incendiary infinity cause it has a matching scope. :roll_eyes:


As you should!

( to those other than Kurt - who knows already - I found a perfect Unforgiven…perfect except it had a Vladof scope : VENDORED! )