Item Finds of the Day BL2

(Carlton Slayer) #8231

Mr. Bones got this on his third dashboard attempt:

(Jerk of all toons, master of none.) #8232

I haven’t seen one of these since my very first playthrough, so I guess it’s a find even if it’s usefulness qualifies it as a fail more decisively.

(Santa Söze) #8233

This was a bit of a surprise. I guess I’ve had skin drops from tubbies over the years as it seems that I have all of them, but obviously I never connected them to tubbies at the time.

And a pleasant surpise although it’s now 2 levels under :

An actual element!

Jakobs grip ftw!

(Lootfein4sure) #8234

finally after 2 hours i got the dastardly with the grip. Sheesh

(The quick and the dead) #8235

Got these two while meeting the Firehawk in TVHM with Salvador:

(Vault Hunter - Borderlands Addict) #8236

(Santa Söze) #8237

I believe this takes top spot in my lowest level pearl ever :

It’s my accessory of choice, but it’s got a Bandit grip :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

This from the story line :

Now this caught my eye instantly : obviously it has the requisite Maliwan capitor but it also has the Maliwan body (on the left). It had the troublesome battery (on the bottom) though : Maliwan and Pangolin are identical in appearance. The long recharge delay makes it obvious though : Pangolin :sob:

(Vault Hunter - Borderlands Addict) #8238

I’ve been monitoring your progress. I’ll be jumping in soon with MyDahl. :wink:
she’s chilling at 61

(Santa Söze) #8239

I did some mega power leveling after we disconnected. I’m there :wink:

(Vault Hunter - Borderlands Addict) #8240

Then this is going to happen.

(Not a real Dr. but I got style...) #8241

My very first one.

(Not a real Dr. but I got style...) #8242

Yeah yeah. Double post.
Not everyday that you do your first Omnd-Omnd-Ohk farming and get your first Twister. Beside, not my fault if everybody’s busy on Friday night. :wink:
Got my third O.O.O not long after the second one. No Twister this time but not a bad drop.

The Leg Hunter is not a total improvement with lower crit but overall have more green arrows then red.

Another first. Deciduous.

… At least the stock is DAHL.
Can’t really complain when you get it in your first drop.

(Rumplebunny) #8243

Maliwan Barrel O’ The Day, courtesy of the pony:

(It's a LVL 72 Poncho of the Ancients) #8244

I’m jealous. I’ve been thinking about doing this for a while but just haven’t. My Jakobs Zero NEEDS this, but I don’t know if he could effectively farm it. May have to send my other Zero after it.

It was a purple day for me. Three new purple Jakobs for Jakobs Zer0:


This was courtesy of Tinder. Already have a Rustlers, but testing on the Marcus’ crash dummy I think this was edges it out…just slightly. Has much better accuracy so maybe thats it.

These two are from Slappy:


My first puple Bushwack. Of course would prefer a Jakobs grip, but this one is still very effective at taking out rabid stalkers.

And Lastly:


Yeah, it’s under leveled and I actually have a Skookum Muck(also OP1) that does far more damage but I have a soft spot for the Callipeen. My first purple Jakobs was a Callipeen. This one has virtually no recoil and is fun to use, so theres that. I’ll keep it.

(Not a real Dr. but I got style...) #8245

Most of the work is going back and forth on a fan boat so it can be done by a one legged midget! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
(No offense to small person and/or those with restrained mobility…)
As you can create distance between you and o.O.o when he does spawn and start the fight as you see fit. You’re Jakobs Zero should be good. If you can manage the Witch Doctors and Savage getting there you should be good. I would be more concerned about Deciduous afterward but you don’t really have to fight it as the Chopper is a sub par gun.

Back on topic.
Farmed the Warrior for Eridium. The Warrior vault red chest helped pay the respawn fee from Hero’s pass with two DAHL railers.

Got that from the Warrior itself.

A couple Bar Brawl rounds to help a friend level up his Siren.

(Jerk of all toons, master of none.) #8246

Dat plasma caster. :heart_eyes:

(Not a real Dr. but I got style...) #8247

We’ll start with a “pure Vladof” gaa dunk ga Deee! Gotta love the name! :joy:

Found two Quads. A Well Kept Bandit grip and a matching grip Hunting (crit.). Went with the Hunting.
And this baby. Finally able to replace my lvl 71 blue Hyperion Surveyor dispatcher. Works on loaders too! :grinning:

WEP didn’t gave me my Transformer but it was Tubbies day and RNGsus focused on the main character.

(The one in the distance is not a perl but a blue with something else behind. :no_mouth:

That one is better than the one I was using.

Different class but my first Leg Titan. Level 72 so Zorg can use it.

Some change for the new you machine…

(Rumplebunny) #8248

A couple rounds of tubby hunting in Ellie’s back yard was fruitless. But a wild Maliwan barrel appears!

Also, that white chest in the bandit area showed me an E-tech instead of the usual assortment of old Big Mac wrappers and used motor oil. Probably the highest-rarity thing I’ve seen in that chest and I’ve hit that chest a lot. :smiley:

(Lord of Meat, Lover of Explosions) #8249

Probably need photos to not sound like I’m just bragging. I’ve found multiple legendaries in normal mode and tvhm in world drops, slagga, sledges shotgun, Maggie, striker, and I believe I got a random avenger, though it might have been a tubby. Got an unforgiven from farming the loot midgets with krieg at OP0. Pretty worthless. Still hoping for a Casual Carnage but I’m pretty good with the SP.

(The quick and the dead) #8250

Got these while dealing with the Cult of the Firehawk in TVHM: