Item Finds of the Day BL2

(Dusten3781) #8251

It took hundreds of kills, but I finally saw Teeth of Terramorphous drops with prefixes. Now I just need that Bandit grip.

(Jerk of all toons, master of none.) #8252

The red chest in Friendship Gulag was holding this for me.

I was pretty gassed when I saw it. I’ve never had one before, I can’t wait to try and kill something with it.

(Santa Söze) #8253


On a whim I hopped into a tech from Ellie’s and took the shortcut to Mobley & Gettle. Got this first try :

Doc’s Longrider :point_up_2: courtesy of Dukino’s Mom. It replaced my decrepit Coach.


Maliwan grip, Dahl stock and damage prefix :star_struck:. Also check that awesome Gat :point_up_2: - I can’t remember where I got it.

(CommanderDouchebag) #8254

Perfect Fastball from Pete

World drop Sledge’s shotgun from Terra

(Vault Hunter - Borderlands Addict) #8255

ok, looks like you’ve stirred the beast within. I’m going to go home and get myself a ■■■■■■■ Twister. :sunglasses:

(Dusten3781) #8256

I hope you’ve had better Twister luck than I have today :weary:

(Vault Hunter - Borderlands Addict) #8257

as a matter of fact, I did. :blush:

I was searching for it and couldn’t find it. I had started trying to spawn him again and saw a rogue blue glow in an area I hadn’t searched. weird spot for it to land, but upon seeing it I was getting shot so i just scooped it up and took a pic after acquiring it. So stoked for matching grip. not so stoked on the bandit stock, but I’m good for now.

decided to waste an hour(prob more like 20 min) and take on Dex to see if I can get a Chopper to drop.

no chopper. :expressionless:

tediore grip

the lead storm above is matching grip and rabid prefix(just in case you’all were wondering)

admiring the view. :star_struck:

(Dusten3781) #8258

Took about 3 hours, but I did get a Twister to drop. Bandit grip, tediore stock. Went ahead and killed Dexi and got a fire Chopper too.


I was on my way to Knuckle Dragger to farm a new Hornet to help me with the peak.
On my way there I randomly shot a Bullymong pile and got a Slagga.

(Carlton Slayer) #8260

Ultimate Krieg!! got this from the first Beatdown Torgue vendor- a damn ugly sniper sight but aside from that he’s is happy…

(Rumplebunny) #8261

Found a Harold in the car chest after Zer0 rescued Roland. (I reset his playthrough some time ago and he had been wasting away at the beginning of Bloodshot until today.)

(Not a real Dr. but I got style...) #8263

Remember when you were searching for your first legendary COMs but couldn’t find tubbies or they wouldn’t drop one?
Yeah, try farming for a Transformer and you’ll get plenty!

(It's a LVL 72 Poncho of the Ancients) #8264

You aren’t kidding about that. It took me FOREVER to finally get a Transformer. I got a boat load of COMs, most of which I couldn’t use. Of course I wanted the Transformer for the Peak, and I got it…but still haven’t unlocked OP3. I have come pretty close a couple times and the Transformer definitely helps.

On Topic:

Got this while trying to improve on my “Skullmasher farming tactics” No improvements made…but I do love this gun. I’ve got quite a collection but still not the “perfect” one…

I really should be putting this effort into obtaining the Twister…

(Santa Söze) #8265

I took this out for a spin. It’s actually pretty awesome.

(Not a real Dr. but I got style...) #8266

Read somewhere there’s a Maliwan barrel entry fee. So here it is.

Got a Delivrance not long after my Transformer. Forward grip is nice on it but once again. Two level under.

And a Tubby decided to drop something else than a COM…

… Yeah. That thing.

(Carlton Slayer) #8267

JSJ got a few levels under his belt and is now able to use the Lady Fist- also, this is the first new skin/head I’ve found in a while- my Zeros will be pleased…

(Vault Hunter - Borderlands Addict) #8268

(Berserker) #8269

Some random finds from recent games.

(Santa Söze) #8270

(Vault Hunter - Borderlands Addict) #8271

Tediore Grip.