Item Finds of the Day BL2

(I can win! I feel great! I CAN DO THIS!!) #8334

And for the grand finale:

A world drop practical butcher. From a slag skag. I was flipping out for several mins.

it was a very good night for loot with @Kurtdawg13

(Rumplebunny) #8335

Some snowman presents over the last coupla days:

And over in the other chest in the same run, a slightly better COM for my primary Axton:

Vendor fodder…

The obligatory Maliwan-barreled SMG… :smiley: I love the bandit ones. :slight_smile:

This one kinda makes me wanna farm Doc Mercy because I haven’t in a loooong time…

(Vault Hunter - Borderlands Addict) #8336

matching grip

finally an upgrade to my Evo Shield


(Rumplebunny) #8337

I went over to Hyperius’ pad to have a few beers as well…

Unexpected world drop Quasar! Wish the fuse time was less (or 0) but still nice.

The Shredifier in the Stone.

And of course a WTF.

I didn’t bother snapping pictures of the dozens of Tattlers/Retchers/etc. and no worthy upgrades to my current Evolution shield sadly.

(Gamechanger97) #8338

Nice vending machine find while running through uvhm.

(Rumplebunny) #8339

Finished off the main story with my reset-playthrough Zer0…

Maliwan Barrel O’ the Day

Warrior drop.

Always love a 0 fuse longbow singularity nade. :smiley:

(Gamechanger97) #8340

Gift from a frostburn loot midget on my new krieg.

(Carlton Slayer) #8341

The Infinity is beginning to show its age even though the Lady Fist is still boosting the crit damage in the off hand- this will come in handy when switching to the Deputy’s Badge

His previous com kept this from being super useful…

(I can win! I feel great! I CAN DO THIS!!) #8342

Some older screenshots and stuff. The hive is new though. I only posted that because my luck with getting it is awful.

Also @billthebetta and @Kurtdawg13

(band) #8343

Phew, those are old. It’s not saying much, but I can’t remember the last time I did anything Terra with you.

-Hive screenshot-

(I can win! I feel great! I CAN DO THIS!!) #8344

You should try clicking it lol. It is zoomable.

(band) #8345

My monitor is a square. If I zoom in with the forum tools it’s still a quarter mile away.


(Jack of all trades, master of one.) #8346

Lol, looks like the image you sent is blocked in my country. :laughing:

(Vault Hunter - Borderlands Addict) #8347

same stats different parts. @Jefe could shed more light as i myself don’t know the shield parts.

thanks for letting me grab this @Jefe much appreciated. :blush:

finally a matching grip ahab.

another matching grip

finally matching grip on the Patriot.

matching grip Derp Ahab. :sunglasses:

Perfection. :star_struck:

sorry i don’t have time to put up more item finds of the day. i have a ton more, and i mean a TON more. but i’m on my laptop and i just don’t like not having a mouse.

(Santa Söze) #8348

Same parts - different locations.
Hard to tell from the images but

  • they both have a Mailwan part ( on the bottom of the first one and the left side of the second )


  • Hyperion ( top of the first one / too blurred on the second )


  • Tediore ( there’s nothing on the left side of the first one )


I consider that configuration to be the perfect balance of all stats :+1:

(Rumplebunny) #8349

Man I need to do some Gee farming. I can’t seem to get the hang of the gate crush trick though. When I do it, he just seems to weirdly teleport away from the gate as it tries to crush him, to a few feet in front of me back towards the arena.

(Vault Hunter - Borderlands Addict) #8350

some tips for ya.

  • if you enter the arena and exit it, Gee will reset. So be careful if you’re up close to the gate trying to pull him over by singularity nades.
  • after you get Gee up as close as you can, move in front of him and use another singularity nade to pull him back towards the gate, when the singularity pulls Gee run up and give him a Fist full of Hurt which applies the knock back effect and Gee is now Dead! Works every time without fail. Credit to @Stouty22 for figuring out the entering the gate and coming back out resetting Gee.

Edit: The real trick is figuring out how to keep the loot shooting/falling into the wall towards the right, if inside the gate and looking outward. I was able to figure out a technique that kept the loot from going through that wall/floor. it wasn’t 100% effective but it did work most of the time. Basically, I would use myself as a wall and have the loot bounce off of me instead of shooting thru the wall.

(Not a real Dr. but I got style...) #8351

We’ll start slowly with a white fan boat skin… :stuck_out_tongue: Not already unlocked.

Arizona’s red chest been generous.

I tried the DAHL railgun. Seem like it work to me! :smiley:

But I wasn’t there for the chest right? Got that on the second drop. Good enough for me. :wink:

And it’s smaller cousin.

Finally. Some random drop.

(Jack of all trades, master of one.) #8352

Damn, if only you could switch accessories between Buffalo and Elephant gun, you’d have a perfect Elephant gun. On the other hand you’d have perfect Buffalo if you could switch stocks LOL.

(LootHunter_twitch) #8353

Total fresh start on PC, only ever played it on PS. Was struggling to kill Doc M oddly enough, but my weapons sucked so i got me some fire power.

So my first Legendary on the PC is…you guessed :smile:

The Doc didn’t last much longer hehe

Just killed the Rats and got a Lobbed Stormfront on the story kill. SWEET :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: