Item Finds of the Day BL2

(Santa Söze) #8374

Having finally gotten Axton to OP8, he was very much in need of an Ogre. Sal did the honours (cheese all the way). This would be my first OP8 :

Not a bad version - at least it’s on level. And thankfully it’s not Wild. I’ll probably try again for matching grip and/or Slippery.

Also another of these :

And courtesy the Gold Golem :

(LootHunter_twitch) #8375

That’s pretty insane luck there. Locker Legendary’s are mega rare anyway, but to get a Quasar.

I had some good luck again on killing the Rats on the mission kills. Happened in Normal too. Longbow now :smile:

(Vault Hunter - Borderlands Addict) #8376

(Jack of all trades, master of one.) #8377

Those Jakobs stocks hurt me.

(Vault Hunter - Borderlands Addict) #8378

I would agree its the worst stock for snipers. But I am tired and want to mob so I’m settling for now. It is not done however, I’ll pick it back up for my perfect versions that I’ll keep forever. matching grip, Barking prefix and Dahl stocks on all of them. Hyperion is a good second choice in stocks for snipers. :wink:

(Jack of all trades, master of one.) #8379

Banbury on the slag one though. :wink:

(Vault Hunter - Borderlands Addict) #8380

for Sal’s offhand, YES. Everyone else, no. lol

(Jack of all trades, master of one.) #8381

Why? When you use Pimp only for slag, you are better off with firerate prefix rather than damage iirc.

(Vault Hunter - Borderlands Addict) #8382

you are correct. for an elitist much like myself, it’s a collector kinda thing is all I can say. I prefer the damage prefix with matching grip. the slight different in fire rate(1.4 to about 1.7 iirc) isn’t much to worry about, imo. with a Vladoff grip and the Banbury prefix I believe it can get as high as 1.9 fire rate. But again, I’m a collector and I look for certain things.

Truth be told: Barking Slag Pimpernel with matching grip and Dahl stock sits in the bank. No one uses it. So, it’s a collector thing.

(The quick and the dead) #8383

Got this while doing side mission at Bloodshot Stronghold with Salvador in TVHM:

(Carlton Slayer) #8384

Didn’t snap a pic of it but Element Zero snagged a level 70 L. Mechromancer from a tubby skag in Three Horns Valley…

(Rumplebunny) #8385

XP farming Sniper-dor in the Arid Badlands for a few rounds, dual wielding slag and corrosive Lyudas because eff Moxie healing!

Bone Head never felt like dropping anything for me to end up selling off, and Saturn’s been equally stingy (fun fact, he dies really quick when hit with dual Lyudas going at full Keep Firing (and Lay Waste and NKLO on top of that once one of his side turrets goes down).

But! Three Maliwan barrels! Just can’t get enough, lol. :smiley:

(Carlton Slayer) #8386

A really rare event- 2 LLM from the same locker (go towards the end of the clip to see)!

One of them dropped this:


(Rumplebunny) #8387

Another day, another XP farming session, another Maliwan-barreled SMG:

And yeah, I’m wearing a Bee there. I did the Hunter sidequest for some quick XP and he dropped it, so I was like ah heck with it, what the hell. :smiley: A shield I never wear on Sal but it’s letting me rack up the Amp It Up challenges.

Gettle keeps giving me slag and corrosive Lyudas to level up with so I keep going back to the Badlands for Bone Head/Saturn/rabid skag XP fun. Did three go-throughs there, and an LLM jumped out of the cardboard box right next to Zed’s old home in runs 1 and 3. Only dropped relics that were of no use to me sadly.

(Santa Söze) #8388

I know I’ve said before that these are a dime a dozen, but this was the only one of these that dropped in the whole campaign :

This is more noteworthy…

…than what it dropped :

Matching grip and Dahl stock…not bad :

Spent a while seeing how fast I could drop BARex with the Hail and Rifleman COM (pretty damn quick as it happens).

From King Mong :

And one for the shield-prefix-I’ve-never-noticed-before file :

Sadly, no SMGs to satisfy the thread tax. I did find another nice Backburner but I deleted the screenshot by mistake…so you’ll just have to take my word for it :wink:

(Not a real Dr. but I got style...) #8389

Found that farming for an explosive Crossfire.

Gave it a shot now that I know the Baby Maker may not be the best chucking tool for mobbing.

Found that Tediore in my inventory thou.

Nerver tried an Omen before and I don’t remember any good or bad mention about it. So I tried it in Southpaw S&P . Was awefull! Not long after I remember/realized I got it while in a friend’s game. Of course lvl 50 don’t do much at OP2. :smiley: Too bad. Grip and stock were good.
Got that from S S&P last chest. Another one I have no idea about. Usually not a good sign but I’ll try it.

(Carlton Slayer) #8390

(Rumplebunny) #8391

Moar XP farming in Fyrestone.

Man, the LLMs there must be the Zed Faithful awaiting his return to his old home because yet another popped out of that box and dropped an Invader that he apparently swiped from Saturn down the road:

Some vendor fodder from another LLM by the motel:

And Saturn dropped the obligatory Maliwan-barreled SMG because of course:

(Santa Söze) #8392

(Carlton Slayer) #8393

Courtesy of Midgemon:

And while not rare this is the first time I’ve ever seen this prefix- anyone know what it affects?