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Maybe Sneety is like Ee’nastick? For a specific grip when there is no accessory present? Is that a Hyperion grip? If it is then it could be the Vladof rendition of Ee’nastick.

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Correct. :+1:
Weapon by Prefix (Wiki, Bdl2 + TPS)


Definitely a grip prefix - there are no barrel prefixes on sniper rifles, and the other higher-priority prefix categories (element, accessory, gemstone, unique) can be ruled out because they require parts that can’t appear on white guns (unless they are Maliwan-made, then you obviously get an element). My stack of paper cheat-sheets lists this prefix as appearing on a Vladof sniper rifle with Hyperion grip.

Yup. Ee’nastick appears on Jakobs sniper rifles with Hyperion grip, so this is indeed exactly the Vladof equivalent of Ee’nastick.

Well … now the wiki got such a list too? It wasn’t there the last time I looked for it (which is why I have made one myself).
Anyway, it’s clearly incomplete (at least at the time I write this, dear future reader). With the introduction of the distinction between old and new Hyperion in TPS there are two separate sets of gun titles and prefixes (which the wiki article does list) - but for the grip prefixes of Hyperion guns there are actually three sets of prefixes, because (unlike the other prefix categories or gun titles) TPS’ new Hyperion set doesn’t match BL2’s Hyperion set. The new Hyperion in the wiki’s tables is the TPS one, not the BL2 one.
As an example, let’s take a Hyperion sniper rifle with all parts made by Hyperion, with no accessory or element (so we get a grip prefix). In BL2 this gun would be named Inspiring Transaction, in TPS it would be a Galvanizing Transaction (if made by new Hyperion) or A-Triple-Plus Contract (if made by old Hyperion).

Once upon a time I converted my hand-written tables into a forum post which (as far as I know) is still more complete than the wiki. It’s here, but some botched forum software updates horribly broke the careful code-block-based formatting I used. These forum bugs still haven’t been fixed, but at least we have proper tables now, so I should be able to work around the bugs. Give me a few minutes to edit the post.

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Your links in that post are broken, just FYI. The first two go to the old forum. I believe the third one you posted is now here

Bookmarked by the way :+1:


Thanks! It’s updated now, links are changed (meaning: a note about dead links for the first two, an update for the third). I also added a bunch of info about unique guns and non-gun items - most of that was already done, just lying around on my disk. Fixed it up and posted it; I hope the number of mistakes in that new part is low.

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Doing some loot midget farming on normal mode and I got this.

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Impetuous prefix , Torgue stock and sight, Tediore grip :drooling_face:

Sadly not Citrine - but matching grip and Rustler’s for that awesome accuracy :roll_eyes:

Dahl stock and Jakobs scope make that a keeper even if it’s got a Valdof grip and a bayonet

I love Ass Beeters - matching grip and stock and mag size prefix. Too bad it’s n.e.

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I am pretty sure that scope on this Diaub is Dahl as well… :thinking:

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Those heads and skins are Terra loot I take it? Just how many different skins/heads does he have anyway?

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A skin and a head per character. :acmaffirmative:
The skins are green rarity, so they are easily missed.


Nothing really exciting, but it was a gift from Flynt. I didn’t like using it.

Also just realized there’s a character limit for the username here. Hadn’t noticed until now that my username is missing couple letters.

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The last legendary I needed to see drop finally happened. I feel so accomplished :blush:

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Not exactly ideal parts, but it’ll work:

Now I’ve got all the key ingredients for my Deputy.

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First time EVER that the story mission yield both Legendary drops for me.

I chose the wrong side. I wanted to farm for a Maggie. Doh! :man_facepalming:t2:

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WOW!! That is unseen? Not once in any clip ever have I seen that. Thnx for the share!! Actually just thought, have you installed the Community Patch?

I never posted this, but i thought this was a nice find early in UVHM

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Carlton_Slayer is on XB1, so no!

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I just watched it and it was from two different lockers next to each other. Come on people! lol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::rofl:

edit: 1st locker:

2nd locker:

@Carlton_Slayer I really wanted it to be true. But its not. :innocent:

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Still a notable rarity!
Speaking of twice in a row…

I mean sure that’s the COM my main Zero use but…
And also got that. Calipeen, not a Muckamuck and Mag size is not the #1 acc. but still.

Was good enough to be a keeper on My melee Zero.

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Vending machine legendary, had to sell something from my stash but it was worth it.

Good prefix and matching grip is always a keeper.