Item Finds of the Day BL2

(Carlton Slayer) #8514

JSJ did a few more runs in the WEP:

(Lootfein4sure) #8515

Picked up these while leveling the mechro. The chest was midway through the beatdown after the vending machines. A bouncy bee. The Stacks on Stacks COM. Came from a tubby in frostburn. Lovin it.

More on this tonight, mechro dominance awaits


and check out THIS upgrade!

I win! :roll_eyes:

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(Gamechanger97) #8517

Not a bad find.

(Dusten3781) #8518

Made a mess of the arena, but Vora was exceptionally generous tonight.

(Lootfein4sure) #8519

The Gunzerker COM came from a tubby in WEP. The rest are loot midgets in the same map. Oh and the WTF came from a tubby as well, always a joy,lol.

(Lootfein4sure) #8520

Im full of envy at those interfacer’s. Nice parts indeed. Now here is the rest of my loot at WEP.

(Is this thing on?) #8521

Save it for BARex.

What did you do in your most recent session, PT2!
(Avaricious Old Skeleton) #8522

So I got a few things today. I wouldn’t say great things but noteworthy perhaps. Two on a peak run, two on Krieg Klaus.

(Carlton Slayer) #8523

Someday a new Krieg might enjoy this…

(Avaricious Old Skeleton) #8524

I don’t think i’ve ever used the L. Psycho COM… Which is a bit strange when I think about it.

(6EQUJ5 Do you copy?) #8525

My first one. Everything wrong about it beside maybe the element…
btw. Any suggested element for Peak’s Oney?
Got a Scalable (Mag size) with Tediore grip and Hyperion stock on following attempt. Only it’s Slag. :expressionless:

(Jerk of all toons, master of none.) #8526

@Carlton_Slayer Have you tried Javilineer yet? It was the reason I first equipped one, and is just straight up wild. Nothing like abusing Tediore launcher reloads for the cost of zero rockets.

@Kuolemanlaakso It is a great stop-gap COM for Hellborn until you have a Leg Torch. (I think I’m repeating myself, but I’m rather amazed at how much I’m liking this COM on my BloodBorn Krieg right now.)

@Dr_Do-Little Any element that isn’t explosive. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Fire may be best if you want to pull it out against Wot because of his shock resistance.

(6EQUJ5 Do you copy?) #8527

Just found another identical Scalable but corrosive this time. We’re getting somewhere. Starting to like this farm! :smiley: Hyperion stock on a splatgun isn’t as good as on standard shotgun gut still better than most others.

(Jerk of all toons, master of none.) #8528

Fire and corrosive may be equal in this circumstance given the neutrality of elements vs “flesh” on the peak, but I might give the edge to corrosive for longer lasting DOTs.


Practicable :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not so sure it’s going to do the trick. Its damage is pretty ordinary even with the extra “pellets” and self-damage is definitely a danger. @Carlton_Slayer uses the Slow Hand a fair bit. Interested in his take.

For Oney maybe a Tediore (or any) PlasmaCaster, Pimpernel, Omen, Hail. Or save him for the end and use your turrets to take aggro and then use anything non-explosive on his side (with a Bee).

(6EQUJ5 Do you copy?) #8530

Oh! I thought the Slow Hand was “the thing” . Something related to not being explosive or Idk. To be honest I tried a practicable corrosive with a BoA on BARex and … Doesn’t seem to deal much damage so I think I’ll cut that farm for now. Other matters to attend to.

(Jerk of all toons, master of none.) #8531

:+1: with slag you could probably do it in just a couple of reload chucks.

(Carlton Slayer) #8532

From Piston- call me surprised…

As for Doc Mercy on the Peak- a few Fastballs after he’s been slagged often do the trick. While I do love the Slow Hand I’ve only really used it with Sal for Magic Slaughter. Combine a corrosive/shock duo with any type of slag shotgun (especially say a slag Sledge’s Shotgun) and basically never worry about shield bearing enemies again…

(It's a LVL 72 Poncho of the Ancients) #8533

Sal fed a load of Eridium to Butt Stallion to get these for Jakob’s Zer0

Outside of the Hammer Buster, Bekah and Occasional Gat, my Jakob’s Zer0 doesn’t use assault rifles too often. I have to say this one works quite well.

I love the look of this one. It has the accuracy accessory I believe.

This is Zer0’s new go-to shotgun. I would change the scope if I could of course.