Item Finds of the Day BL2

(Gamechanger97) #8616

Just going to get a new rough rider for my Krieg before UVHM and I got some really solid parts during the quest.
Also I have had these clips from my ps4 days for a while but just uploaded them a few days ago.
First: A world drop 93% sham.
Second: The worlds most insane luck on a mobley/gettle farm. For this one, you should skip from around 35 sec to 1:30 because I didn’t realize it would be so insane and was casually looking up the parts guide but I left it in the clip so everyone would know it is still the same run.


(Carlton Slayer) #8618


Got it from the first Torgue vending machine in the Beatdown…
And this on the loot train…


got a derp pyrophobia from spider pod. kills orcs

(Dusten3781) #8620

Finally got one of these with a Bandit grip. Too bad it wasn’t the Assault prefix one. This skin was an interesting drop as it’s one of the Zafford Shift Code skins.

(Carlton Slayer) #8621

JSJ got this first try:

And from the loot train his first pearl:

(Vault Hunter - Borderlands Addict) #8622


i need the legendary siren com, in some thread i read great chances on loot train for legendary coms. as tinder snowflakes exp is okay i tried it …


got one^^ around 30 kills i guess. bad variables but i know where it is xD

(Honorary Miscreant & Charlatan) #8624

A couple of things in my Krieg OP8 reset playthrough.

I don’t know a lot about roid shields, but this looked to my novice eye to be a nice one?

And my reward for taking Matchstick for a sunny holiday was this, only posting as I can honestly say i’ve never seen this prefix before…

(Focused for Success in a Distracting World) #8625

The best part about that is the delay (for melee Zer0). A perfect all-Maliwan purple should be in the 1500K area.
It has Valdof and Dahl parts which basically do nothing to the base roid damage (which means it’s average).

(Honorary Miscreant & Charlatan) #8626

Fair enough, shows how little I know :blush: Also just got this from a Loot Goliath

(Rumplebunny) #8627

I found a Kindle, the Maliwan barrel SMG kind not the Amazon kind :wink: while testing to see if the Antagonist lends its bullet reflection power to a vehicle (it doesn’t):


I’m gonna post my item titles and prefixes link again, maybe there are some people around here who haven’t seen it yet.

That prefix comes from a Hyperion grip prefix on Vladof sniper rifles. The grip can also be seen in your image. As usual, the higher-priority prefixes didn’t kick in on this gun because it has no element (that’s obvious) and no accessory (not as obvious because one of the seven sniper rifle accessories is attached to the side of the gun that’s not visible from this angle: the magazine size accessory, which would result in the Bolshy prefix).
Since we usually only pay attention to the higher-rarity guns, we’re used to seeing accessory prefixes all the time. (On purple-or-better guns an accessory is guaranteed, with very few red-text exceptions.) As a result the fallback options (element, grip, and for some weapon types certain barrels too) tend to slip our minds.

(Vault Hunter - Borderlands Addict) #8629

oh Damn! obliteration specialist… :star_struck:

i was thinking how cool it’d be to have a few Deputies rolling around with Sherrif MyDahl. 45% extra health for all. maybe with a nurse com? stacking health for all in the group. Hmmmmm?

(Focused for Success in a Distracting World) #8630

Shotgun rhinoplasty!! :star_struck:

(Honorary Miscreant & Charlatan) #8631

New code on twitter for 5 keys so I spent them, this is what I got.

(Honorary Miscreant & Charlatan) #8632

Farmed Buttstallion a bit, got very little of interest. Although I did get this for @Jefe

Did get two nice things though

(The doc is in.) #8633

Working on the back log. Was almost a week ago…
Got that on first “dual” try.

Yeah I know. Tediore sight and it … Sox! :wink:
Gave it a few more shots just because but it’ll do fine for a quick farm.

(Carlton Slayer) #8634

(Rumplebunny) #8635

Number One goes a-tubby huntin’. Ended in sadness. Two tubbies, one dropped an underleveled Bunny that did not deserve a pic, and upon dispatching the other I saw that wonderful cyan beam go flying out of the tubby’s corpse, only to find a rather unremarkable Butcher at the end of it: