Item Finds of the Day BL2

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Nice one.
On level (or close to) in Normal mode it can be a lot of fun.
Just stack those crit!

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I’m of the opinion that the Morningstar is underappreciated, I had a shock one in TVHM once and it helped me breeze through the rest of the story. That said, I’ve never used one in UVHM.


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Whats with that movie camera image on your screen shot? Never seen that…

(Is this thing on?) #8661

Isn’t that from the Wattle Gobbler HH pack? Looks like something broke through the inventory screen!

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Yeah. Tourge-o-vision whatever haha. They will creep on menu screens

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Thank you VH! that was bugging me. I knew I had seen that before, just wasn’t sure where.

Edit: sorry, I was typing up this reply and got pulled away. Probably saw the “typing” indicator for a long time wondering when I’m gonna drop this post. lol

@venom616 you summbitch! I gave up on farming an Ahab with a bandit exhaust and matching grip. 4 in the mag?! You summmbitch… lol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::rofl:
Needless to say, I’m jealous :star_struck:

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So I was messing with the alter with a friend in the dragon keep area and a ba wizard dropped this.

Went to tinder snowflake for a new soldier class mod no luck, but I ironically found it in the vendor instead.

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Some more things from random farming


no bandit parts. i got many ahab launchers bandit grip&exhaust&deepa accessory, no idea why that weapon has the magazine size

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deep prefix with matching grip is how you got that. I’ve always wondered if matching grip deep prefix with bandit exhaust would yield you a 5 mag? nice drop never-the-less.


the original grip is the reason why a deep a ahab has 4 magazine size ? and bandit grip that has extra magazine size does not work ?

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bandit grip won’t do it. you need a bandit exhaust for an extra rocket in your mag.


truly, i’ve found bandit exhaust together with that stabbing grip deep a prefix, it does not result in a above 3 magazine size ahab. also, as you can see on wikia, the exhaust does not deliver a increased magazine size. the only mag4 ahab there has maliwan exhaust, when not relook that thing i not even tried it so many times. was at least 300 kills or more

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Stabbing grip is Bandit. I think you’re misunderstanding me. Or I’m not explaining myself properly. I’ll try again…

You always want matching grip. it gives buffs to mag size, reload speed, and damage, possibly other buffs that I don’t feel like looking up right now. So, Torgue grip on your Ahab is what you want. After you get the matching grip part accomplished, you’re not hoping for the Deep prefix which increases mag size. with matching grip manufacture bonuses, one being increased mag size stacks in this case. Cause the Deep prefix increases mag size. so now you’re getting 2 buffs to mag size. The 3rd peice to this puzzle is the exhaust. Bandit exhausts add +1 to the mag size. so, if you hit all 3 variables I believe it’s possible to get a 5 mag. Haven’t seen it yet. so I’m not for sure cause this is Borderlands, right?! lol in theory, I think its possible.

edit: did some digging cause I’m really curious now. There might be some weird cap on the Ahab specifically. It doesn’t make sense after reading the spread sheet that is linked here. All mag size had the Bandit exhaust listed as the variable you want and no other exhaust listed as a contributor. that tells me the Bandit exhaust does increase mag size. But in this specific situation, that Ahab might be “locked” for lack of a better term. some weird discrepancy that won’t allow the mag size to be above 4.


yes, i use the steam community guide about parts, so i was also confused, especially as i saw all bandit ahabs. so i was believing the prefix is the key as you can see it on wikia - but is not. wayne, got a magazine size 4 ahab and it tooks an eternity. but now i’m farming skins and it also seems to be an ordeal.
edit: magazine size 5 imagine that apparatus on money shot pimp xDD
some stuff

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I do imagine it. I dream of it. That is why I have the theory that i can get a mag size of 5. But, probably not after reviewing the spreadsheet. if it’s accurate, then it can’t happen. But I’ll hold out until I see it for myself. Deep prefix, Torgue Grip and Bandit Exhaust.

I saw visual proof of Deep prefix, Torgue Grip and Bandit Exhaust. My dreams are crushed. max mag size for Ahab is truly 4. :sob:
man am I glad i didn’t have to farm that myself to see proof. that could have taken quite a long time.

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Finished my set with this

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hyperion loot barge on my way to Washburne. Apparently I get a hypo plasma caster every 10 levels