Item Finds of the Day BL2

(odiscordia) #8716

Does the specialist get any better than just the crap accuracy buff I’ve seen? Unrelated random thought- Nuke is great for mobbing and spitting lead as fast as possible cause…it breaks everything in the room for quick ammo lol. I’m having a much easier time this time with axton. I’m actually enjoying the game for once.

(Focused for Success in a Distracting World) #8717

Nope! It’s a terrible COM! But, combined with a Bandit relic, a non-elemental Bone Shredder and/or Tattler, its accuracy increase and its passives (Ready and Duty Calls at least) can make an impressive build. It’s in no way optimal but it works nicely.

(odiscordia) #8718

I’ll stick with the leg-soldier or one of the ttaodk ones. I like the bad accuracy. That’s kinda the point

(Yeti, deconstructed in 3 courses.) #8719

@Jefe has the goods on the specialist com.

I have a GemiNuke Axton that is an absolute blast (pun as bad as I intended) that uses Tediore smgs (plasma casters, :drooling_face:) and pistols (gunerang!!) for chucking. The reload buff from the bonus Ready points on the leg Soldier can put some serious burst dps out front. But we’re a little off find of the day now.

That’s a good chucker right there. It’s from a couple of days ago, but it puts a hurting on loaders.


World-dropped a perfect Unkempt Harold from a pot in Murderlin’s Temple ! :joy:

Also those :

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Some more stuff. The splatgun is a random bullymong drop.

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funny you should ask. I just attempted running thru Badlands I think it is. trying for Tubby’s and I always go see what Bonehead 2.0 will drop. Got on on level corrosive Bone Shredder. Paired it with a Slagga and started rampaging thru the rest of the area. it sucks. for my taste, it doesn’t have the FLAVOR! REASONS!! I was Sal. :sunglasses:

edit: thanks for bringing me back to this. I was trying to see if this will spawn with the extra projectile prefix. I was trying to find that online and got pulled away(several times). forgot about it, so thanks. I want ot see if you can get x4 on that baby. :blush:

edit2: Nope, smg’s don’t spawn with the extra projectile like the pistols and Shotties can. darn. I haven’t really checked out smg’s and specifically, Bandit manufactures SMGs.

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@Kurtdawg13 had to go AFK for a bit. He usually doesn’t open the chests after dragons. I kinda wanted to…

My gambling addiction has payed off.

(Vault Hunter - Borderlands Addict) #8724

Did you see 2 “20’s” or just the 1 “20” displayed? I always get 1 number as a result from rolling both dice.

OT: Farmed the Dragons…

This was a “20” roll. :expressionless:

I had never gone over to the rooftop of some of these structures. Saw a path to get on over to it. I was thinking i might see a vault symbol or maybe a BAR challenge. So, upon getting to that rooftop I jumped up on this cauldron of fire and the damn thing put me into FFYL. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

narrowing down my choices…

Finally a sub 2.0 delay, but that recharge is weak.

Sal?! You Sumbitch! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Honorary Miscreant & Charlatan) #8725

Got these while trying to get Krieg a Fire Conference Call (for Terra)

The farm is ongoing though.


Wanted to play but didn’t feel like doing anything particular, so I drove around Wurmwater for a while, then did a Sawtooth run.

This one was kinda interesting. The Fox is usually fire and if it’s corrosive, it’s a Scorpion. But it didn’t have the Maliwan barrel…I dunno.

(Yeti, deconstructed in 3 courses.) #8727

I think the Maliwan barreled fire Dahl smg is the Beetle. I think Fox is just a Bandit barreled Dahl smg. But I could be, and often am, wrong.

(Borderbutts Master) #8728

Tbh wasn’t looking at the numbers when it happened. I just run around opening chests then come back later to see the results. Just like in bl1 lol.


Not this time though - you’re correct. Dahl’s elemental Maliwan-barrel SMGs are the Scorpion (corrosive), Eel (shock), Beetle (fire), Jackal (slag) and Yeti (cryo). The other Dahl SMGs are the Fox (Dahl barrel), Falcon (Hyperion barrel), and Plasma Caster (E-Tech barrel, duh), and the generic “SMG” for all other barrels (including the Maliwan one when there’s no element).

(Yeti, deconstructed in 3 courses.) #8730

Well, I was half right. :wink: Thank you.


To be fair, there’s Maya’s fire-focused Fox class mod. (And for good measure, there’s a certain web browser too.) No wonder a Fox SMG of any other element strikes us as odd.

(The doc is in.) #8732

After a long dry Warrior farm…
Got that on my last run before bed last night.

Not what I was looking for and bad part but it’s a start.

Then first run this morning. This happen.


But wait. There’s more! The one thing that eluded me for so long…

Finally got my purple Rocketeer!
Underwhelming at OP8, not great parts, ammo hungry like crazy.
… But I got one. :slight_smile:

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(jelmerjt) #8735

That’s a good Bee. Can’t beat that 5.04 recharge delay :grinning: