Item Finds of the Day BL2


I don’t ever remember Hyp dropping an Actualizer. That’s weird. :thinking:

And that Duurp is perfect except the Deep prefix would get you another shot in the mag. Still - damage accessory. Nice!

(The doc is in.) #8777

Someone called me?

(Carlton Slayer) #8778

Junior Senior Jr started collecting quest rewards that he’d skipped earlier and then did a tubby run on the rest of Arid Nexus Badlands and the Dust- the OP8 L. Binder has a worse team cool down than the OP6 version Dee Lightful already has though…

(Laugh hard. Read fast. Be kind) #8779

Met this guy:

And got this from him

Met his twin brother one minute later and found another one


… I just got a Pearlescent from one of the cardboard Jacks in Digistruct Peak while practicing some Deputy Sal. :no_mouth:


What a epic find, thanks Butt Stallion!

Almost perfect, too.

(It's an OP8 Poncho of the Ancients) #8782

I farmed ButtStallion forever to get one. It may be my favorite gun(I say that about a lot of guns).

(Laugh hard. Read fast. Be kind) #8783

(Vault Hunter - Borderlands Addict) #8784

Hype will drop many of the seraph weapons. I’ve gotten quite a few Actualizers as well as Devastators. I don’t know to what limit this can happen however. I’d love to see an Interfacer from Hype. :smirk:

(Carlton Slayer) #8785

Loot Hunt has officially begun :laughing:


(Laugh hard. Read fast. Be kind) #8787

(Carlton Slayer) #8788

More stuff from the loot hunt- also, totally forgot about Flynt’s Tinderbox…

(Laugh hard. Read fast. Be kind) #8789

(The quick and the dead) #8790

After a fairly long hiatus (part for a vacation but also because other games competing for my time): I have returned to pandora, and gathered some loot since getting back. Current in TVHM with Salvador, did everything related to the Tundra Express and got these along the way:

(Laugh hard. Read fast. Be kind) #8791

(chris) #8792

First time coming across this in the clan wars. I got rid of it 5 min’s later when I found something better.

(Vault Hunter - Borderlands Addict) #8793

Just read your Heavy Gunner Roland thread. Good seeing you over here in BL2 section. :grin:


[because elven glamour skin]

(The Natural Born Timekiller) #8795


From a Tubby Spiderant in the Dust – right as I was complaining that there was not a Big-Booty to be found earlier. Life comes at ya fast in this game.

Sorry for the stank quality, lawl. I has no VideoCap.