Item Finds of the Day BL2

Started a new character and just had Midgemong drop a KerBlaster! This is pretty significant to me because I’ve never had a legendary drop earlier than the Warrior before, much less right at the beginning of a new playthrough.

UPDATE: The next battle, Boom Bewm dropped a Bonus Package.
And shortly after leaving Claptrap’s ship a bullymong pile dropped a blue rarity shield. Probably about the best string of luck I’ve ever had, even if it is just the very beginning.

Very cool for you, the level 3-5 Kerblaster you get from Midge,based on your character type, can be very useful up through lvl 10-12.

And bonus packages are great, until you blow yourself up cuz you’re dumb, like me. I generally sell 'em to keep me from self-destruction.

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Even though it’s not the best character for the KerBlaster (Gaige) at this stage it’s still been plenty useful and pretty fun to run with.

I recall getting a level 1 hornet drop from Knuckledragger once and that was effective for many levels. I wonder if I still have it…

That would be a lot of fun. Something about getting a legendary early on when you’re not really supposed to have them is quite satisfying.


Practicable prefix…nice!

Don’t remember the last time I saw one in a chest.


That S’masher! Skookum, matching grip, Dahl stock, and Hyperion(?) scope — which is the nicest imo. Anyways….perfect :heart_eyes:

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Fine, game, I’ll make a sniper Zero. You win.


Just starting UVHM and the red chest right before ClapTrap’s ship gave me a Gunerang. That chest has never given me anything good in hundreds of opens. Not that a gunerang is good, but you know. Corrosive, too, which is just what I need for Frostburn Canyon. Oh, wait…