Item Finds of the Day BL2

Started a new character and just had Midgemong drop a KerBlaster! This is pretty significant to me because I’ve never had a legendary drop earlier than the Warrior before, much less right at the beginning of a new playthrough.

UPDATE: The next battle, Boom Bewm dropped a Bonus Package.
And shortly after leaving Claptrap’s ship a bullymong pile dropped a blue rarity shield. Probably about the best string of luck I’ve ever had, even if it is just the very beginning.

Very cool for you, the level 3-5 Kerblaster you get from Midge,based on your character type, can be very useful up through lvl 10-12.

And bonus packages are great, until you blow yourself up cuz you’re dumb, like me. I generally sell 'em to keep me from self-destruction.

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Even though it’s not the best character for the KerBlaster (Gaige) at this stage it’s still been plenty useful and pretty fun to run with.

I recall getting a level 1 hornet drop from Knuckledragger once and that was effective for many levels. I wonder if I still have it…

That would be a lot of fun. Something about getting a legendary early on when you’re not really supposed to have them is quite satisfying.


Practicable prefix…nice!

Don’t remember the last time I saw one in a chest.


That S’masher! Skookum, matching grip, Dahl stock, and Hyperion(?) scope — which is the nicest imo. Anyways….perfect :heart_eyes:

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Fine, game, I’ll make a sniper Zero. You win.


Just starting UVHM and the red chest right before ClapTrap’s ship gave me a Gunerang. That chest has never given me anything good in hundreds of opens. Not that a gunerang is good, but you know. Corrosive, too, which is just what I need for Frostburn Canyon. Oh, wait…



Again with the matching grip. How do you get these?!

Usually by getting a whole mess of non-matching ones too… you just get to see the highlights.

Oh it was another hyperion scope by the way, in case you’re curious. Not as nice here :frowning:

After more than 1,700 hours I finally got my white whale. Behold my first ever Bekah!


Finally got a level 30 purple Magic Missile. It’s the lowest possible level purple MM and mine also has the lowest possible damage stat I believe. A nice collectors item :smiley:.

But it was a pain to get access to this MM. I basically had to fight my way through the Tiny Tina DLC while being underleveled. And then I had to beat all 5 rounds of Magic Slaughter while still being (a little) underleveled in order to get access to the level 30 version (and NOT 35) of the Badass Round where Badass Wizards can spawn. I did it with Salvador so some tricks were used of course but I’m still proud and happy! The Sham and Topneaa were lifesavers (and the same goes for the Pimpernel/Duuurp! which occasionally had to be used).

On Switch by the way!