Item Finds of the Day BL3 Edition!

You on PS4? I’ve been looking for one of those.

While farming XP on Graveward for Amara


Before the ability to reroll anoints that would have been a solid candidate for the Loot Fail thread LOL

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@vCarpeDiemv Yeah agree 100% LOL! But that’s a pretty rare parts find still, even with a terrible anoint.

I actually never have used one but I assume that the x2 Super Shredifier actually does x4 in Bipod mode? It seems silly but I don’t think I have ever gotten one?

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Super Shredifier has double barrel mode. Non supers can get bipod or shotgun

@ucfmatt I’m specifically referring to the x2 Super Shredifier. The x1 Super Shredifier gets x2 in bipod mode, yes. I am talking about the x2 Super Shredifier and whether it gets x4 in bipod mode. I assume that it does. If it does, that’s a sick weapon.

There’s both a single pellet and a x2 version of the Super Shredifier. That’s why I posted this one. It’s a pretty rare parts combo.

It wouldn’t make sense to me if the x2 version still only got x2 in bipod mode, but possibly? This is Borderlands after all.

Sorry what I meant was the thing that turns a Shredifier into a Super Shredifier is the presence of the double chaingun alt fire mode. So if a Shredifier has bipod mode it will no longer be a Super Shredifier. In primary fire mode there’s no difference between regular and super versions

You and I are talking past one another LOL. I know the Super prefix makes it x2 in bipod mode. What I am referencing is the question of whether a Super prefix one that comes in x2 to begin with, gets x4 in bipod mode.

Vladof ARs can only have one underbarrel attachment. Shredifier can get 4 different ones, grenade launcher, shotgun, double chaingun, or bipod. When it spawns with the double chaingun attachment it gets the title Super Shredifier, therefore it cannot also have bipod mode. Bipod is only available on non-super Shredifiers

I felt pretty sure my Super Shredifier had bipod mode. I will have to check that tonight.

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Cool thanks. If you do have a super Shredifier with bipod then that would completely change how I thought certain mechanics work in this game which honestly wouldn’t be the first time so curious to hear what you fund out

Fairly nice Toboggan from Harker

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@ucfmatt OK, so it looks like “Double Chaingun” is the alt-fire mode on the two Super Shredifiers that I have - but they are x1 Super Shredifiers, and the SS can also come in a x2 version on the card (as evidenced by my picture above). Maybe you can’t get bipod mode on the Super Shredifier after all.

However, my versions are the x1 variants (x2 in Double Chaingun mode), so my question still remains - if you have a x2 Super Shredifier variant, does it get x4 projectiles when you put it in Double Chaingun mode? Last I checked, 2 x 2 = 4, but this is Borderlands we are talking about.

@Aaron0000 - You’re knowledgeable about gear - do you know the answer to my question above?

Thanks for reporting back. AFAIK the double chaingun mode increases the fire rate at cost of increased spread but doesnt add any projectiles.

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So then the question is why you would want a x2 Super Shredifier, I guess?

Pretty sure it’s just for clout, like finding a 94% Sham in BL2.

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@Aaron0000 Well at least a 94 Sham is objectively a better piece of gear than a 93 Sham - even if only by a little. The x2 Super Shredifier has lower damage than the single pellet SS because of the x2 pellets on the card, AND it doesn’t get the normal double chaingun effect. So the x2 SS is actually objectively worse LOL.

I always assumed it must be getting x4 pellets in chaingun mode, which is why it was so desirable. I had never actually gotten one before the other day, and since it was level 68 I didn’t even pick it up. Oh well.


Both the x1 and x2 shredifiers keep the same pellet count in double barrel mode so the x2 will have higher dps overall. That being said the x2 eats ammo like no one’s business so would be more reloading as well.

I think the allure is mainly due to how fantastically rare the x2 elemental super version is. Sort of like finding an elemental boom sickle but with an extra level of rng since you need the 1 specific grip that makes it x2.

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@ucfmatt If the x2 version does not get 2 extra pellets in double chaingun mode, how would it be the higher DPS option? The x1 version becomes a x2 in double chaingun mode, so it essentially becomes a x2 which doubles the damage output, right? Whereas, if I am understanding you correctly, the x2 version does not gain pellets in double chaingun mode, so it still just remains a x2, yes?

Sorry to keep pounding on this question but clearly I am not understanding how this particular weapon works, it seems.

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As I understand it the double chaingun mode just increases the fire rate, despite the name implying it gets double the projectiles. So the x1 Shredifier stays x1 in chaingun mode but just shoots faster while being less accurate.

I prefer the x1 version myself since it can get a grip that boosts the accuracy a lot and increases the mag to 110. Makes it easy to sustain a magazine on Moze. The x2 takes some serious trigger discipline to avoid reloading constantly