Item Finds of the Day

(˙pǝsɹǝʌǝɹ uǝǝq sɐɥ ʎʇıʌɐɹƃ ʃɐuosɹǝd ʎW) #1

Post them:D

Luck cannon with luneshine effect?
[Guide] Top Gear for Lady Hammerlock
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Item Finds of the Day BL2
First legendary drop
(Residential Idiot) #2

(Sheriff) #3

Sticky plz ?

(Killing Floor 2) #4

How do you get steam images to show up here?

Also I’m always weary about steam game screenshots hosted offsite, I assume they’re from people who warez the game so I hope steam screenshots work on these forums otherwise I’m going to be very suspicious of a lot of people. :c

(Dannydlm) #5

Got this from 3 purples, Actually quite good on Nisha

Although i still prefer my Anarchist xD Gold keys Actually gave me a thing I wanted

(Ch1ll4x333) #6

The purple ._.

(Dannydlm) #7

Ye all the Purple :smiley:


Thoose are some pretty sweet shields! Was that the ones you wanted? Also first poston this new forum… Feels weird : p

(Dannydlm) #9

went and got 500 Moonstone from Irajiwa Then To The grinder I go

Was hoping for a flakker but Oh well, Clappy will have to go without until I can grab some more Poop legendary s to grind xD

(Watcher on the wall) #10

(Residential Idiot) #11

Well, not really though. I just like grinding stuff for the sake of it.

(Szyslak) #12

I’m curious as to why you would assume that. There are plenty of people who play the game through Steam, but don’t like to use Steam’s screenshots. I still prefer Fraps, for instance, then only upload to image hosting sites what I want to share.
I think it’s awesome that we can upload them directly to the forum now.

This was my favorite recent find after farming for it a while:

Of course after I finally get one, it shows up in the vendor.

(Jmababa) #13

Shield stronger than haymaker and sometimes stronger than Reogenerator found it in a vending machine the Maximal Adaptive shield. There is a +6k+ max health of this and a 55% - 70% element resistance of this at the cost of capacity will be 13k+ only still tying to grind 3 violets to get this options

(Meat Bicycle Slowly Reverting Back To Axton) #14

Very nice find, mine currently has about 53% resistance and I believe about 11K capacity, but I’ll have to check in on that once I get back to the house. I’m in the same boat as you, always searching for more resistance. It helps Nisha a lot when fighting the Invincible Sentinel.
EDIT: I’m not sure if that posted as a reply or not, the mobile site is still a bit screwy.

(Szyslak) #15

Never seen this in a vendor. :grin: I love this Last Starfighter reference so much.

(Killing Floor 2) #16

I assume that because that’s the nature of the internet. Offsite based screenshots can come from less than legally obtained games and as a forum moderator on another gaming site I’ve run into that quite a bit over the last ten+ years.

Though what you’re describing with Fraps, that’s how steam screenshots work, you only upload the ones you want. It’s even two step less and you can make them unlisted if you wish.

Also, steam screenshots are the least likely to eventually turn into red x’s, unlike offsite hosts. :wink:

(NeverFearAThing) #17

I want to become lvl 50 too:(

(Dannydlm) #18

Wanted one of these, Too bad Glitch Is a thing Would’ve preferred an Orange Version

(CivilZombie) #19

Found an electric Longnail from the Invincible Sentinel, a Reogenator from a Vending Mahcine and a Hefty IVF from grinding 3 purples.

PS: I love the purple in some of the screenshots, is there a way of implementing this on PS3 (I’m assuming it’s some kind of mod for PC).

(Shoogli) #20

From today :kissing_smiling_eyes: and yes I did buy it for my Athena he he, and the old lvl 20 one I had will go to my Nisha :

Yay :blush: