Item Finds of the Day

(Legendary Lunatic) #1588

@farsight37 Yeah, it’s been great so far. It is underleveled (i’m 48) but still making short work of all the armoured enemies. I also got a Shock Torrent from the grinder that I forgot to screenshot that’s amazing for shields and maelstrom!

(Rush86) #1589

Yea its beastly when using it early on.

(MoodTheTerrifyingboss) #1590

Today,Rooster gentely gave me a legend Oz Kit.Clap is happy :smiley:

(MoodTheTerrifyingboss) #1591

I found this in a vending machine.But… But just look at my f**king cash… My worst day ever.I have to go on with Wet Week,now.


Did a bit of farming before calling it a night.

(MoodTheTerrifyingboss) #1593

The problem is just prefix.But,Fatale is always best.Good job,dude

(Legendary Lunatic) #1594

Erm, nope. The Torrent is a better SMG.

(MoodTheTerrifyingboss) #1595

Umm… I love its critic,dude.And Its only Cyro element.This is enough for me to say the best SMG for Fatale

(MoodTheTerrifyingboss) #1596

This is my lucky day! Supernova from Bruce and Fatale from Bones.Thats the loot!

Fatale from Bones

Supernova from Bruce

(Legendary Lunatic) #1597

Got bored of resetting UHVM so decided to just carry on until I get bored. Got this on the way for the first Oz Kit.

(SEATTLE - 12 - SEAHAWKS) #1598

Sad times… I feel your pain.

(Legendary Lunatic) #1599

A couple of things, one is a skin. I don’t know if it’s a rare skin in this game

And this in a vending machine. Not a Legendary, not even a purple, but a nice upgrade to help me move forward, and nice parts and prefix

(MoodTheTerrifyingboss) #1600

Not in first try,but lucky in second try!

Torrent from Meg


Two different glitch Quads, both with garbage sights. smh

(MoodTheTerrifyingboss) #1602

Laser Disker and Flayer? Thats the reason why we love EOS.And… ECLIPSE.Also glitches are good too.Well Kept? Not bad.

EDIT:What does Reactive prefix? Fire rate?

(MoodTheTerrifyingboss) #1603

Thats good because Clap was need a new shield.Clap is happy,again :slight_smile:

The Shooting Star from Noob Powersuit

(MoodTheTerrifyingboss) #1604

I grinded the Fatale and Torrent.And I got shooterang with Dahl Barrel and Scope,with good accessory.But I dont remember the grip.But,it worth.

Shooterang from Grinder


I’d never noticed the chest just after the stingray room in the Titan Industrial Facility. I’m always happy to find a Ravager:

(MoodTheTerrifyingboss) #1606

Good parts,dude.I love ravager too.It has pretty good damage.

(MoodTheTerrifyingboss) #1607

RK5 is really generous tonight,or Im very lucky.I didn’t know Longnail is in it’s loot pool.

Longnail from RK5 (Raum-Kampfjet Mark 5)