Item Finds of the Day


Those shift weapons (for lack of a better term) are world drops, so you got lucky.

(AceGoober) #1629

Been playing a bit of Borderlands: TPS lately. Besides doing the main quests and a bit of farming I’ve also been experimenting with the Grinder. Here are a few screencaps of good grinds and world drops.

Still looking for my holy grail: Luneshine Doc’s Striker with 30% chance to ignore shields.

(AceGoober) #1630

I needed to find a good shock handgun with higher than 8% chance of electrocution and whaddya know found one in an unlikely place. Sure, it is Blue yet it is very effective against shields. I’m a happy Goober. :smiley:

(AceGoober) #1631

I don’t know if I should laugh hysterically or facepalm…

Here is my line of thinking as to this being an item grind of the day. If the beam ignores the shield and hits the target then I look at it as the beam cooking the target within the confines of their shield. If it hits the shield then it does as intended. Either way, it is a min min situation. :smiley:

(Legendary Lunatic) #1632

It’s also a terrible laser weapon.

(Rush86) #1633

If you can explode the projectile around enemies its not that bad.

(Today, everything was fine in Opportunity and nothing bad happened.) #1634

Why min-max when you can Min Min? Once you learn how to use it, the Min Min Lighter can actually be a very effective AoE weapon. I like it quite a bit.

(AceGoober) #1635

A few good finds and a couple of things I’ve never seen or was expecting until now.

Firstly, I always go back to Concordia after doing a few boss and vendor farms before quitting for the day. When I start-up again the following day I go through every trash bin, box, locker, etc in Concordia. After that I hit a dozen tries on the one-armed bandits then hit up the vending machines. One-armed bandits haven’t been too kind to me over the past week. Lots of white, green and the occasional blue weapons along with a boatload of money and moonstones. Started this morning and 7th pull on each and they both hit jackpot. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a dual jackpot in the 600+ hours of play.

Upgrade to the Magma. Had a level 68 that did something like 25,000 damage or thereabouts.

Put this one in the grinder since I already had a level 70 TumTum Skullmasher from farming Nel in Regolith Range. He’s a pain to farm since he can’t be eliminated anywhere close to the edge or lava crack. I’ve witnessed first-hand of several Skullmasher going into the crack or over the edge into the lava.

Second, I have never seen a Legendary pop-out of a locker. Right before the entrance to RedBelly there is a chest and lockers behind a electric wall. This is where the Bowie Maggie popped out of.

Vendors have been good to me over the past week. Many of these were ground since 1) I am reaching my backpack and safe limits and 2) because I’m currently running Nisha and she doesn’t need a lot of the equipment to be effective. Besides, I have several mules I use as storage to hold equipment I want to keep.

Miscellaneous chest finds, boss drops and grinds.


Can’t help but wonder how many times this fool has dropped skins and I just didn’t see them since he throws his s*** everywhere. lol

(AceGoober) #1637

Dude! I want to find an Absolute Zero! I’m going to start another character and the weapon would be perfect for her. Great finds. :grin:


I’ve had the DLC since it came out, I’m pretty sure that’s only the second one I’ve found and the first I had to dashboard for. lol

Still trying to find a Pro Rev… (I could dashboard for one, but at this point I’m kinda over that)

(AceGoober) #1639

Same here. Got the season pass prior to the game becoming available. To this day I still haven’t found a Luck Cannon. Then again, I haven’t played much of Borderlands TPS since Fallout 4 was released. Have 2,800 plus hours in FO4 to date so I’ve been a bit ‘distracted’ per se. :joy:

(AceGoober) #1640

Holy brown stuff on the sidewalk left by a dog…

As I stated previously, I do my runs through Concordia then do a dozen spins on the one-armed bandits. Last spin and this pops-up. Darn near perfect Magma. Nisha is going to use this very well. :grin:

(Legendary Lunatic) #1641

There is so much wrong with this statement.

(Asurmen) #1642

The one main gripe I had with BL:TPS is when loot would go flying everywhere, so annoying.

(AceGoober) #1643

I’m a wrong person and loving every second of it. :innocent:

Self Loathing and Despair were beating the living crap out of me. 9 flippin’ times they put me into FFYL that I couldn’t save from. Until now, neither have dropped anything but crappy white and green weapons, a skin along with money and moonstones. Today, they dropped a Thunderfire. I’ve never seen this weapon until now. Read up on the Thunderfire and it looks like it may make a good shield depleter for Nisha.

(Now With Extra Ordinary) #1644

Ive only seen three pro revs and they all dropped in Overlook while farming glitch chests and Denial Sub. The third dropped from a loot bug out of the chest out on the rock behind where Clappy goes to get the fireworks. I saw it drop off the edge as I killed it and dove off and hit the slam button to catch up with it… Went right by it and hit the button a little late! Lol my buddy just said missed it by that much and we had a good laugh.
Also @AceGoober I’ve gotten prob five luck cannons from those loot bugs in overlook…


It’s crazy. I’ve got multiples of every other Claptastic legendary, but I haven’t even found one of those. Nevermind parts, prefix, elements, etc. I just want to find one. lol

(Now With Extra Ordinary) #1646

You can always grind one if you have other Clappy legs you just need a purple pistol I think, been a while since I’ve talked to @Kurtdawg13 about his methods… Lol


Defniitely. I might someday, but: [quote=“jhunter922, post:1638, topic:2128”]
Still trying to find a Pro Rev… (I could dashboard for one, but at this point I’m kinda over that)