Item Finds of the Day

(Now With Extra Ordinary) #1648

Gotcha, didn’t pay any attention to that. Lol I always just farmed and used the grinder and took what I got so I could go farm some more… That kept me going a little longer, plus dash boarding takes some of the fun out of it. Never got a flayer to drop but I never ground one although I was tempted at one point. :+1:


Thankfully, I’ve been lucky with the things I actually wanted to use. (Flayers, Luck Cannons, Laser Diskers, Kaneda’s Laser, etc.)

I just want a Pro Rev to complete my colletion. lol

(Vault Hunter - Borderlands Addict) #1650

Depending on how badly you want that thing, this may be of interest to you. Here is how I approach getting what I want in TPS. :innocent: If it can be a grinder result, then that is where I go and plan accordingly.

Ex: If I want a Pro Rev badly enough. What I do is use the locker to bring over all the ingredients I’ll need to produce a Pro Rev from the Grinder. I’ll start by emptying my backpack of all unnecessary items. Then I’ll go to the locker(it will take several trips to the locker) and grab the necessary ingredients. So, I’ll pretty much set myself up to where i can grind several attempts before needing to dboard. this will maximize your time spent at the Grinder. instead of having to dboard after 1 or 2 grinds. You’ll be able to get several grinds in before needing to dboard. This is how I got my matching element pitchforks and other items I wanted for my collection. :wink:


That’s not a bad idea! I’ve been getting some good stuff from loot haxorz and E&E lately, so I’m gonna hold out and see if my luck changes with it.

I’ve waited over two years, I can wait a little longer. lol

(AceGoober) #1652

Yes! Yes! Yes! The little murderous bot dropped a Luck Cannon! He hadn’t given me anything but default Legendaries and Glitched Weapons along with a few good O2 kits and a couple of coms. There were a couple of Kaneda’s mixed in but I’m not a big fan of a laser launcher.

Been playing with the Two Fer LC for a couple of hours. While I’m not a big fan of the scope this LC rocks. Scavs get wasted very quickly. RedBelly didn’t stand a chance. It’d be cool to grind a LC with 30% chance to bypass shields but I’m not holding my breath. 700 plus hours of play and I finally got one! w00t! :smiley:

(Pandora's Industrial Engineer) #1653

The Luck Cannon can’t spawn with luneshine fyi.

(AceGoober) #1654

Just got this from the grinder a couple of minutes ago. Definitely a keeper!


Jumped into Claptastic Voyage DLC for the first time and got this as a random drop. Exactly what i needed for my melee Athena! Bad grip though.

Later i got this from one of the Tassitron soldiers! It also got stuck in the air but luckily i was able to pick it up.
Meh parts but still made me happy, 2 world drops in ~3 hours!

(AceGoober) #1656

Great finds @Kie_ra

I would love to find a Corrosion Revolution. One of the dream weapons for my current Nisha character.

Feeling adventurous I decided to do four runs of The Cortex Racist Hot Dog and Cat with a Hat and two runs of Eclipse/EOS. Yeah, I’m not going to do that again. Sitting on my butt for close to 3 hours wasn’t what I had in mind. Should have re-spec’d Nisha before taking on that endeavor. Big mistake. Lost over half my monetary wealth from the FFYL recovery failures. Rewards were worth it, I gotta say.

2nd run of The Cortex before I called it quits for them:

Iron and Luck Cannon in the same chest? Yes, please. :smiley:

Third run of The Cortex:

1st run of EOS:

Nothing else worth mentioning. Got two glitched weapons (one from Eclipse, one from EOS) on the 2nd run yet they weren’t worth taking a screenshot as they were sub-average.

(Pandora's Industrial Engineer) #1657

Why the hell is it sooo hard to grind DLC2 legendaries? I think I’ve gotten 5 total thus far, and thankfully one of them was an AZ.

(AceGoober) #1658

@khimerakiller I don’t know why it is difficult to grind DLC2 Legendaries but I’d love to grind to have a Absolute Zero pop out of a grinder. Also, two questions, if you don’t mind.

  1. What combination of weapons did you grind to get the Absolute Zero?

  2. You’re getting Legendaries in Badass round? I have only received the option of blue weapon or white Oz kit. How is this possible?

All right, I think three 3DD1.E are enough for one day. :smile:

(Gtripx) #1659

For the absolute zero grind 2 claptastic legendaries and a purple laser and pray. It could take hours but that is the best recipe. Obviously dash grind . I have grounded 2 total for other people I thankfully moonshot eos when the dlc came out until I got all the legendaries so I have my original still. As far as the berrigan you can get it as a reward from the badass round however if you don’t have good rng luck I would beat it , save before turning it in then dash till you get a berrigan. Good luck!

(Pandora's Industrial Engineer) #1660

1.I used 3 legendaries and at least one of them has to be a DLC2 weapon. I prefer this over what gtripx1 suggested since you can’t moonstone grind for it, and when I tried it that way with my Nisha, I never got a DLC2 laser.

The only legendaries I’ve found to be easy to grind with the leg+leg+pur method, is the Proletarian Revolution and thankfully the Flayer. But I’ve only tried to do pistols, SGs, and lasers this way, and not the other 3 weapon classes that have DLC2 legendaries.

2.The mission reward page says you get a blue weapon or a white com, but what it means is you can get any DLC1 unique weapon or any rarity DLC1 com for the character you’re playing. Although I haven’t seen if it has been confirmed that you can get a CoE, but I know you can get green, blue, and purple coms.

(AceGoober) #1661


Thank you both for the info. Brought GoobClap out of mothball and started running vendor and boss farming since all he has are level 58 - 61 COMs.

And, here is the RNG Facepalm of the day…

Over the past several days I’ve farmed Felicity a total of 213 times with my latest Nisha character (I have a piece of paper with farm counts on it). Not one Quasar drop. First run with GoobClap and she drops the exact Sticky Longbow Quasar I’ve been looking for. Go figure… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

(Pandora's Industrial Engineer) #1662

You’re welcome, and to my knowledge only story mode Felicity can drop the Quasar (aka only the first kill during the main quest). It’s a glitch, and it doesn’t seem like it will be fixed, along with the few other problems with her.

(AceGoober) #1663

Interesting. GoobClap had completed already completed story mode when she dropped the Quasar. This was the first farm run with GoobClap since last playing TPS. I guess I just got RNGlucky.

(Pandora's Industrial Engineer) #1664

It’s just what I’ve heard from the grapevine.

Quick question. Why do you crop your images? It would have been easier to see if you were on the main story line or not.

(AceGoober) #1665

I post images to other places or e-mail to friends so when the image loads it comes up quick for those on slower internet connections. Every quest is complete for Nisha. GoobClap has a few side quests to do in UHVM.

RNG, you are a real blankity-blank. First Nisha Felicity run (after GoobClap), 214th try, and she finally gives it up.

(Gtripx) #1666

Felicity drops the quasar out of story mode. I have gotten a few. on the grinder I have gotten every claptastic to grind including cheat code so they all do grind. Also you can not lunstone grind claptastic legendaries. Even if you have 1 crappy ,1 regular, and purple. The best recipe for a abosolute zero is 2 clap legen and a purple laser. You can grind a reg legendary with a dlc legendary but odds are better with 2 dlc legendaries. Good luck again on your hunt.

(Today, everything was fine in Opportunity and nothing bad happened.) #1667

Digi-Life Jack rolled through Stanton’s Liver yesterday, helping an eco-warrior save an adorable indigenous species. As it turns out, they weren’t so adorable. And if life has taught us anything, it’s that when something is ugly, you kill it. And hope it was carrying something pretty so you can steal it from their dead corpse.