Item Finds of the Day

(LunaticOne) #1688

All from the Vendors this time, RNG was very Stingy otherwise

Level 50 Acidic Moonlight Saga
Level 50 3001.E
Level 69 Celestial Lawbringer Class mod
Level 70 BoomaCorn
Level 68 Long Bow Bouncing Bazza
Level 31 gaa dunk ga nukem
Level 39 The Machine (Unique)


First vendor I check after not playing the game in months.

(LunaticOne) #1690

Nothing like Machine farming.

All are from the Vendors
Level 36 BoomaCorn
Level 36 Fabled Tortise
Level 34 Homing Pandemic
Level 50 Celesial Enforcer class mod
Lecvel 54 Cutting Edge Fatale
Level 53 Celestial Fragtrap Class mod
Level 50 OL’ Painful (Fire)
Level 70 Sticky Longbow Bonus Package
Level 37 Skewering Shredifier
Level 49 Staring Cry Baby


The Sentinel had an unhelpful legendary drop for Athena:


Vendor farming pays off for Jack:

(SEATTLE - 12 - SEAHAWKS) #1693

I… should start a new toon…

(˙pǝsɹǝʌǝɹ uǝǝq sɐɥ ʎʇıʌɐɹƃ ʃɐuosɹǝd ʎW) #1694

I could jump in on pc if anyone wants to go.


Another Fusillade. Doesn’t seem useful for Athena, sadly.


Zed :heart: Athena!

(from the I-assume-BL1-style Dr. Zed machine in Clappy’s memory of Pandora)


A drop from Jack’s xp farming:

(Pandora's Industrial Engineer) #1698


An item Jack was actually looking for: :slight_smile:


Something nice from the grinder:


And a very lucky grind, right before starting UVHM:


Flame Knuckle dropped something. Too bad he was badly underleveled. And I don’t really understand the point of non-farmable bosses having a special drop… :confused:

(Today, everything was fine in Opportunity and nothing bad happened.) #1703

They at least fixed that one by having him spawn in the Holodome!

(Joseda23) #1704

Farming a Thunderfire for myself… good drop rate i might say!.

Then i was just playing with Wilhelm and a Kragoon [the ones after you kill the Badass kind] dropped this lol very weird imo.

(Today, everything was fine in Opportunity and nothing bad happened.) #1705

Really bummed I couldn’t afford this bad boy. Would’ve been nice to have a level 70 version for ol’ Timmy.

(SEATTLE - 12 - SEAHAWKS) #1706

3 purple mods and some moonstones will get you what you want

(LunaticOne) #1707

All from the machines

1 Level 10 BoomaCorn
1 Level 37 Lobbed Four Seasons
1 Level 26 Reogenator
1 Level20 The Cradle
1 Level 35 Cartel WetWeek Acid
1 Level 20 Voltaic Oxidizer
1 Level 16 Inflammable Supernova
1 Level 10 Sticky Lobbed Bouncing Bazza