Item Glitch - Friction Fizz

I received a Friction Fizz from one of the packs I opened and in the Command menu within Gear it is grayed out. It lets you equip it to loadout regardless. When I played a game with it equipped and reached the 1800 shard activation cost it showed up to hit ‘2’ to go to the menu to activate it but it would not let me activate it. Just sat there the entire game inactive with it grayed out and telling me to go into loadout and activate it. My other loadout items activated just fine however, though those ones were never grayed out. Below is the image from load out with it grayed out. Awesome buffs, just wish it worked.

Oh okay, well as long as it is a known issue, I believe they shouldn’t let it be equipped if it is currently disabled or there should be a key showing which color means what of which gray is disabled in game.

So what is going on with this item? Got it as part of my Digital Deluxe and I can’t even use it… Is it ever going to be fixed? @JoeKGBX

I’d have to ping the team to see if there’s an update here.

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Thanks. Just kind of bizarre having an item I can’t use :laughing:

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