Item levels: how do they work?

So on my initial playthrough I left a few of those typhon drops unlooted. I’m now on TVHM and I hit 50 but when I opened them (2 so far) the items are level 49? Shouldn’t they be level 50 or is the item level set at a different time from when you open them? 49 doesn’t seem to match when I found the typhon logs, either because I would have been lower soooo…confused.

I still get level 49 enemies and items well over 100 hours past level 50. Just the state of the game mate. Hopefully they don’t add item level to the RNG factor.

Ouch. I didn’t realize that. That is really bizarre behavior…isn’t it? I mean when you are leveling aren’t items always your level or higher? Regardless, seems like a huge oversight. Why would anyone level 50 ever want or use a level 49 item?

What loot system You play? Cooperation or Coopetition?

I play solo but it’s on cooperation so the LLM will function.

Hmm… Then should scale everything to Your level.