Item Losses of the Day

I don’t even.

Grinded the wrong weapon by mistake? Beloved item fell off a cliff or below the ground? Game crashed/froze before saving that gear you took so long to farm? Vending machine ended sale 1 second before clicking to buy a legendary? Post your story here.

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Felicity spewing my so-wanted Quasar through the ground SO MANY TIMES that I had to memorise the angle of her throw and catch it before it hit the floor. Made me feel good at baseball. But I still am not.

It’s the classic story

[Insert boss here] throws loot through [part of the map], making it unobtainable

Don’t forget about all those vendor legendaries that were way out of your budget. :stuck_out_tongue:


Good to know there is a magic item eating floor there. She launched that rare Dahl skin and I could not find that dang thing no matter how hard I looked. Constructors are crappy pitchers :frowning:

That is the worst.

Well you can’t count it as a loss just because you don’t have the money. Else I’m losing a Lamborghini everyday.


Good point. I guess it’s more of an opportunity loss or opportunity cost - and that reminds me of high school economics. :smile:

It is still the worst.

my long looked for neogenator , appearing in a vendo with 3 seconds to go… Clicking on it only to find I have no space as I had just picked up loads of crap to sell for cash

You could have switched to the sell tab to sell something, then went back to buy it. :frowning:

I wasn’t quick enough!

I believe the item will still be there (and remaining at 0:00) as long as you don’t exit the machine. Try it next time!


Totally. And I use this and my split-screen mules to freeze the vendor clocks sometimes.

The grinder was being a bit wonky on one of my characters and finally decided to let me moonstone grind purples for guaranteed legendaries. I did so math to calculate the average, since I wanted a Maggie or Fragnum at like level 36.

Problem was, I had to get one of my 3 pistols down to a lower level to get the average down to 36. So I grabbed 2 different pistols that would help lower the average. Didn’t even use moonstones, grinder spat out a level 13 Fragnum. Not the level I wanted (I still had the first 2 purple pistols for that) but it was the gun I was after.

That’s mainly what I used golden keys for now. See a nice item in the vending machine, only got 5 minutes or less to buy it? Quick trip to Concordia to get a few free purples to sell.

Didn’t know the forum had this topic open, and it fits to describe what happen to me a few months ago.

I started farming Bosun for a LV50 Cryophobia RL. Well, I spent many days and many hrs with no luck. And then decided to spend most of the day on a Saturday just farming him till I get one.
Well, it happened. It finally dropped. Got my first LV50 drop from Bosun like in 20 tries.
But when it dropped, it got wedged in between a console and like a column on a corner.
So it was kind of hard to find the right angle for a picture to post it in the “Items Finds of the Day” thread in the old forum. So I spent a few minutes taking the picture.
But stupid me, after the picture, I forgot to pick it up and quitted and saved the game without the RL. So finally was able to get one, but I lost it.