Item Rarity vs LLM Drops

Hi guys,

I can’t get my head around this. I can’t decide whether it’s a dry spell or something else.

Basically, around 90% of my playtime nowadays is farming the LLMs in the WEP.
They have been very generous to me. However, I’m trying to work out whether the rarity of the weapon(s) I am using to kill them is affecting their drops.
Ever since they gave me an OP1 DPUH, they have stopped dropping me basically anything, including the relics.

Here is my inventory:
39 slots
8 out of 39 are pearls ranging from lvl72 to OP1
26 are legendaries ranging from lvl70 to OP1 with a lvl50 included
I also have a Punitory PBFG, a Quick Drawler PRAZMA CANNON and a Victorious Topneaa.
That leaves me with 2 open slots.

My equipped items are:
OP1 Stopping Lascaux
Lvl71 Bolshy White Death
OP1 Corr. Resolute TMP
OP1 Carapaced Turtle Shield
Lvl68 Leg. Engineer COM
OP1 Sticky Lobbed Bonus Package
OP1 Corr. BOTA

Has anybody ever tested this? I’m very interested in whether the item rarity affects the drops. Or maybe it’s because I’ve got so many in my backpack?

Anyhoo, what do you guys think?

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When I get some spare time (I would tomorrow but going to Alton Towers) I’ll actually test this. It seems while just farming the LLMs quickly with a DPUH is resulting in near enough no drops of any kind (including the relics). When I’ve blown through using my normal weapons it seems I’m getting way more drops.
But then again, it could just be luck.

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I’ve definitely noticed that when I play OP1, it seems to make a difference in the level of the loot that drops. What I mean is, instead of say, an OP1 Conference Call, it’ll drop me a lvl71 CC.
It seems to drop lower level items when I’m playing on OP1 than just at 72.

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RNG is RNG. The loot that drops is completely unaffected by what you are carrying or have equipped. The loot midget RNG for drops just isn’t proccing for whatever reason. Nothing to do with how you’re playing.

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But that’s what I’m trying to work out, why the drops aren’t proccing.