Item Score. HUH! What is it good for? Absolutely nothin'

A level 50 ASMD with same/similar item score as level 60 gear including a level 60 CMT that is only barely higher. All items have anointments also. o.O


I suppose TheHunt can now make legendary and unique loot worth a point value.

It would be nice to have a sort by level option.


hahaah, item score xD
i was laughing about it when they introduced it and kinda related it to, well, epic^^


Weapons have higher Score than other types of gear.
But yes, Item Score is useless and causing more problems like weird sorting in bank.

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why it is related to epic?

It is absolutely useless, they should’ve put the actual level of the item there.


Sort by level?!!!

Why ON EARTH would you want that?!!

Its not like you are limited to only using equipment of your level or lower…
Oh, Wait…

Unlike some, I actuallly like the ‘leveling’ play so I tend to start new chars and play through the story levelling them up.

Sort by level would REALLY help!!!

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Thought I’m about to walk in of that music that I used to hear from Rush Hour movie. Good old days…

I still hear Item Score is based on how many attachments a gun has though… that’s useless either way

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Lol, I actually read the title as if I was singing that song. Of course it was me & Jackie… HUH!

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In think fortnite items have it aswell?

Item scores are totally useless … just like 98٪ of the items in this game.

Any player that actually goes by the item score to choose their loadout is getting their butts handed to them.

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My first exposure to this song was actually through Small Soldiers. Anybody remember THAT one?


I remember that movie as well. It felt like about 2 decades for me I last gotten excited to watch movies like those when I were small

This is why I sort by type, because in each type it also sorts by item score, which gives me a nice breakdown.

There are problems with item score, mainly around viability of differing anointments, but given that it’s a staple from previous games and does have some value, “absolutely nothin” (great reference aside) is a tad unfair.

Item score causing a mess in bank, cause the same gun is all over the place.


I don’t think that it is possible to create a video game without at least one database in it nowadays. GBX must have at least one person who knows how to manipulate them and create structures out of them.

But for some reason, developers treat their customers like dumdums and didn’t ask that person, how data in database should be managed - gear storing is essentially that: data points (gear) defined by attributes (gear level, rof, damage etc.).

So you are telling me that no developer who played the game, no QA ever told designers that it would be great to have advanced gear management features.

Experience and tools are already here! Why can’t they be used? It’s 4th game in the series. 4th time we have the same issues with gear management.

Ef me.


What you’re asking for is what an actual developer would describe as “scope creep”. What you get in a video game is inherently a compromise.

Assuming that because something doesn’t exist, that they didn’t want to, or didn’t think of putting it in, is common. There’s nothing wrong with that. But you have to recognise the problem in basically saying “why didn’t they add the thing I wanted”.

Yeah it can do, but at least sorted by type is a lot easier to then follow. I’m not saying this means its perfect, but a system exists ingame that is better than the one the OP is using, for their specific problem.

In my opinion, Mayhem level needs to be on the miniaturised item card as well. Something very simple. (1) in a circle, that kind of thing. That way you can tell at a glance which one(s) (out of all your Night Hawkins) you want to check.

Well I only have max lvl stuff in bank, at least I’m trying to have so it’s not a problem for me :slight_smile:

But there is other buggy thing I hate. Let’s say I have ten Bloom pistols in my bank (all max lvl M10) they are in first 10 slots (sort by type). When I move one to my backpack, the rest is in different order and it changes everytime I move another gun. So frustrating.


Jokes aside, this is actually an interesting idea for a playthrough: you always must equip and use items with the highest scores, no matter what they are - so top 4 guns, shield, relic, COM, grenade.

Edit: tried it and it was very different!

  • Keeping only highest score pistol, sniper, shield etc.
  • If it dropped and has higher score - you pick it up, no shenanigans.
  • To minimize time staring at inventory to compare scores, I only re-sort and equip guns when I’m selling stuff to vendors
  • I started using white and green items quite a bit, and it did not hurt so far on normal playthrough
  • My blue Hyperion sniper easily outscored Krakatoa and One Pump Chump of the same level…