Item score is inacurate

The more powerful lob is 10 points lower score. I don’t think that’s intended to happen.

To be honest the item score is mostly irrevelent. Can’t really depend on how GB does the ratings.

Perhaps inspect the Lobs to see if the lesser score one has less parts or something

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Yup it has one less body accessory.
But the extra accessory is for +projectiles per shot with debuff to power. Making it actually worse because it only shoots one projectile. And the debuff still applies.

For me, it would indicate that I’d do slightly less damage to myself, when I inevitably fire it into the corner of a shipping container, so I’d have a 0.0025% better chance to survive with the 579 rated one.

The item scores are OK for a quick comparison, but if you’re really looking for something specific or digging into the weeds, they can be very misleading. I often pick lower rated items based on the anoint or some factor that I deem to be of more value to me, than the game does.

For gear I’m not using or looking for, I use it as a way to thin the stacks of Woodblockers, ASMDs, and other gear which even buffed, will never see play.

It’s because of the parts. Item score is based on the parts, so chances are the one with less damage actually has more parts, and that part is reducing the damage.


Oof I should read before I post :rofl: Still my predictions were correct!