Item score makes zero sense

ok so today i was comparing two items in my backpack. Both items were hand guns. gun one was level 10 and gun two was level 12. gun 1 (despite being a lower level) was CLEARLY better than gun 2 in EVERY STAT: damage, fire rate, reload rate, magazine size etc etc. There was no stat where gun 1 was inferior. neither had any special red flavour text either. but gun 2 had the better score? My only explanation was the calculation took into account gun two’s higher level…which is sorta stupid given that levels as a ‘raw number by itself’ shouldn’t affect how effective a gun is. only stats should factor into any calculation.

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Probably has to do with parts. Even lower level (as long as they are the same color) could be better than a higher level. Seen it in the past 2 games also. The lower level probably had better parts.

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yeah could be right. could be zoom attachments etc

Manufacturer plays a part as well.

Hyperion make better weapons than Bandit Guns.

One gun was bought in a high quality boutique. The other was bought in a dollar store.

For me the main issue with ‘Item Score’ is that I don’t know what goes into it. Preferences are subjective - what you like might be different from what I’m looking for in a gun/shield/grenade.

Also, isn’t it redundant with price being there as well?

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I learned early not to rely on those scores as there is no context presented for them. I found I really needed to read all of the stats, and still try it out before truly understanding the weapon and if I would like it.
There are so many weapon variations, which is good and bad. I don’t have the time to spend to just try every single item. I hate the thought of ignoring or selling something that may have been an awesome weapon.
I believe the score was supposed to help with that but there is not enough info about what makes the score to properly use it to help in decisions.

What is nice is some weapons do really well despite being several levels old.

I noticed the same thing. I also noticed that guns have a level that appears to change when our character levels up. When I was level 5 I had a level 6 weapon that I couldn’t use. When I leveled to 6 that weapon level changed to level 1. Is this a bug?

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