Item Score Question

Having played only a little bit of Borderlands 2, I’m really enjoying Borderlands 3 and will for sure go back to finish 2.

Can someone explain Item Score to me? Is a legendary with a low item score worse than a green with a significantly higher item score? (minus perks of course)

Item score is mostly useless. Here’s a great example. Both of these guns are IDENTICAL besides base damage and status effect damage. The one with LOWER damage has a HIGHER item score.

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actually another difference is one is a “Shredded” and the other is a “Potent”, so maybe parts account for the difference in Item Score and even damage

Well obviously they do influence it, but on some guns parts dont change anything. And judging the score of something off the parts that dont influence its effectiveness is just, well dumb. So item score is there to help you get through the early game drops without spending too much time on weighing the pros and cons of each gun you find. Late game is an entirely different story.