Items are still falling through the floor of Sanctuary

Lost two class mods as they slipped through the floor. Normally I don’t just drop stuff to trade, but the UI is so buggy, with the wrong gear being displayed, plus the lag. Nothing that can’t be replaced, but still, it’s an old bug that’s still plaguing us.

On a related note, if the trading (and all menu) UI were improved, faster, and allowed for more than 4 items, people probably wouldn’t need to drop items anymore. (Though I wish the duplicate cosmetics would fall through the floor).

Use the table nearest the fast travel station in Sanctuary. Nothing falls through that.

Thanks, I’ll give it a shot next time. I usually go to the Droughts if I need to trade a lot of items between mules or friends.

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Sometimes they fall through the table but you are still able to grab them.

I’ve never seen anything fall through the table, and I’ve dropped probably a hundred items there during trade sessions. But good to know, nonetheless.

I wish the duplicate cosmetics were worth more than 1 stinkin’ dollar! :roll_eyes:


And if they all showed up in inventory at the vending machines. Unless there’s a trick or obvious option I’m missing, I always have to go back into my inventory, find them and mark them as trash or just dump them there. But really, they just should not drop once you find one.

What I don’t get is how am I still finding new white and green items, but I have more “It’s Poop” than Lobs, Woodblocks, and ASMDs combined? How am I getting duplicate legendary cosmetic drops from the same boss, but nothing on their drop-list?