Items falling through the ship

I have 2 videos of my items falling through the ship as I attempted to give one to a friend and another time when they attempted to give me an item. Is there any way I could be helped or compensated by the game from its glitches. One was an epic mod for Siren and the other was Legendary for Operative. (The videos are because I screen captured through the Xbox One)

Always drop onto one of the two tables outside your room. I once lost a rec hex! What did you lose specifically? I may be able to help. :grinning:

We have had the same issue from time to time. The tables work but so do the areas in front of each of the doors which look like they are carpeted. Nothing has every fallen through the floor throwing things down there.

This has happened to me numerous times as well. Most recently I tried to drop a loaded dice with +12 luck for my split screen character and it just disappeared.